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Zenith P42W22B 42" Plasma Flat-Panel EDTV

Zenith P42W22B 42" Plasma Flat-Panel EDTV

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  • 42-inch diagonal plasma EDTV monitor with 852 x 480 p resolution; 41.6 x 25 x 3.2 inches (W x H x D)
  • 650:1 contrast ratio; 620 cd/m2 high brightness
  • Aspect-ratio correction, Intelligent Image Scaling
  • RS-232 controls and NTSC, SD, VGA, SVGA and DVI inputs
  • Ideal for delivering a big picture in a small room


Zenith's P42W22B is a 42-inch widescreen plasma EDTV monitor, which means it's a step closer to high-definition (HDTV) than standard TVs. When used with a progressive-scan DVD player (or 480p-output DTV set-top box) you'll get seamless, razor-sharp images from favorite movies and concert videos. Zenith's groundbreaking display technology delivers superior image clarity, color, and brightness in a large-format television less than four inches thick.

Blowing away even the best LCD monitors in contrast (650:1 contrast ratio) and brightness (620 cd/m2), the screen offers 852 x 480p resolution that produces an extremely detailed image. RS-232 controls as well as NTSC, SD, VGA, SVGA and DVI inputs ensure the P42W22B's compatibility with DVD players, VCRs, computers, and other video sources. A plasma display also offers wider viewing angles than an LCD screen, providing considerable freedom in placing it. You can put it right between stereo loudspeakers, even if those speakers lack magnetic shielding: flat-panel screens are impervious to magnetic distortion.

Stunning features include aspect-ratio correction (intelligent resizing of video and computer images to 16:9 widescreen or conventional 4:3 aspect ratio) and Intelligent Image Scaling, which employs a Faroudja scan converter to seamlessly translate TV video data to PC formats without distortion or cropping in either 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios. Vertical display mode changes the image from horizontal to vertical if you want to rotate monitor is rotated 90 degrees.

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