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Zenith ZLD15A1B 15.1" LCD Flat-Panel HDTV TV

Zenith ZLD15A1B 15.1" LCD Flat-Panel HDTV TV

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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Upgrade your pc to an entertainment center!
Review: I have been waiting for the killer product that would enable me to use my pc monitor as a tv, and free up space on my desk. This flat panel monitor is it! HDTV and fantastic resolution for pc use. Games displayed with a new dimension of clarity. My 7.5 yr old daughter loves it. Also, the PIP feature is great to use while surfing the net. I don't have to argue with my daughter or wife anymore to see the news or watch the game. I can't wait to install the new dvd I bought as well. Design looks sharp as well.

Set up was very easy. Took about 5 minutes to set up for tv, and 10 for the pc. Only negatives are the slots for the plugs in the back of the unit: a little hard to get to.

Great product that I would highly recommend.

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