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Alf Bicknell's Beatles Diary

Alf Bicknell's Beatles Diary

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Alf Bicknell, who narrates and conceived the idea behind Beatles Diary, was the Beatles' chauffeur for three years. From 1964 to 1966 he drove John, Paul, George, and Ringo from gig to gig and airport to hotel. In this personal reminiscence, which is chronicled on two tapes (probably to earn a higher retail price for the fans and profit for Bicknell), the guy pushes his yearning for days gone by as he takes the viewer through a collection of memories disguised as real, revealing gems about the Liverpool lads. We rove from Shea Stadium and the Beatles' first U.S. appearance to a trip back to Liverpool and a glimpse at the houses where the Fab Four grew up, and there are clips from the Hollywood Bowl appearance and the final concert in Japan in 1966. But Bicknell gives us little that's fresh or interesting. We can look at Paul's Hofner bass or John's guitar till we turn blue but there is still little of relevance in this sad, searching, despondent clutch by an ordinary guy who achieved some sense of status for 15 minutes, then lost it and desperately wants to grab the ring again. --Paula Nechak
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