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Aiwa HT-D325 Home Theater System

Aiwa HT-D325 Home Theater System

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  • Dolby Pro Logic surround decoding
  • Includes 2 front, 1 center, and 2 rear speakers; and 1 subwoofer
  • 5.1-channel analog inputs
  • 32-station tuner presets
  • 5-mode equalizer with 4-position bass boost


With its audio-video (AV) surround receiver and six separate speakers, this home theater setup gives you everything you need to bring your VCR or surround-decoding DVD player to life in vivid surround sound. Aiwa's AV surround receiver pumps 70 watts per channel to the three compact front speakers and 35 watts each to the rears, while the system's 50-watt powered subwoofer fills in the bass.

Onboard Dolby Pro Logic decoding will deliver 4-channel playback (left, center, right, and monaural surround) from many prerecorded VHS cassettes and broadcast television programs, while the receiver's 5.1-channel analog inputs let you listen to full Dolby Digital or DTS surround sound (with the addition of discrete left and right surround channels and a separate, dedicated low-frequency channel for the subwoofer).

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