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Battle Angel

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Rating: 4 stars
Summary: A rare gem of an anime.
Review: available.

Anyone who has read the manga will immediately notice a few things. First of all, there are several different titles. The Japanese manga is titled Gunnm, while the American version is called Battle Angel Alita. This anime is simply entitled Battle Angel. This two-part series is based on the first two volumes of the manga, however there are several changes. In the manga, the main character is called Alita, but she has been renamed "Gally" in the anime. Also, the mysterious floating city has changed from Tiphares to Zalem. Outside of this, it follows the stories from the manga, but has been altered to fit into two half-hour episodes.

At its core, Battle Angel is a story of love, hope, and heartbreak. The story blends lightning-paced action, emotional drama, and compelling mystery. What struck me was that it pulls it off so seamlessly. The flow is nearly perfect, and not once did my suspension of disbelief wane in the slightest.

The character are simply excellent. No one seems "fake", for they all have realistic traits and flaws. This heightens their believability and makes it easier to become attached to them. One thing I noted is that Gally is not your typical anime android. While from the neck up she looks human, the rest of her body is very mechanical. This is a welcome break from the traditional prosthetic ani-babes which plague many other titles.

The art is very good, capturing the grittiness of the scrap yard perfectly. The animation is also pretty decent, especially during the action sequences.

If there is anything to complain about it's that this series is far too short. The manga version is very extensive, and this series could easily have been a couple dozen episodes in length. The short length also leaves little room for all the answers to the questions posed. Fans will have to turn to the manga for a complete revelation of all the secrets behind Gally.

Overall, this is a rare gem of an anime. A dark, depressing sci-fi world with superb characters and an excellent storyline. I recommend this to any fan of science fiction

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Please get the subtitle!
Review: Fortunately, I was able to watch this movie before reading the comics, so I had no biased view when watching the movie. But please get or rent the subtitle if you can, it's so much better than the english dubbed. It's not too fast that you can't follow. This is one of my very favorite animes. I haven't seen an anime like this yet. This is one of the few adventure animes that I have seen that have masterfully blended a wonderful love story with action, horror, and tradedy. For all the people who have complained about the name change from Alita to Gally in this movie, Gally is the original japanese manga name. Kishiro was disappointed that the american comics changed the name. I think that when making this movie, the authors tried to appease the manga writer by putting in the original name for the cyborg. The comic is much more cynical and violent. At least the end of the movie there was a feeling of hope. I highly recommend this movie for anime fans and non anime fans alike. Even for those die hard manga fans, this movie is a must see, just out of curiosity.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Its only 2 episodes long?
Review: this anime was good from begining to end , sad at times but action packed at parts also tender scenes but none the less this DVD is worth adding to your collection

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: The universe manifests
Review: Unique, beautiful, and well story-lined.
This is number one in my anime collection. Just about every bad review gotten for this movie was because of people who read the manga and therefor had major bias since a movie will just about never be the way you pictured it would be from reading it.

Joy, love and peace.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Battle Angel rocks my socks!
Review: Battle Angel is my all-time favorite anime. It is the story of a beautiful young cyborg girl. A cybernetics doctor named Ido rescued her from a scrap heap and rebuilt her with an amazingly powerful berzerker body. She has no memory, except for her panzer kunst fighting technique, which is the most powerful cyborg martial art ever known.

The movie is a combination of the first two graphic novels in the Gunnm or Battle Angel Alita series by Yukito Kishiro. It is set in the scrapyard, which is a city built in and from the garbage tossed down to earth from a floating city called zalem, or tiphares in the novels. In the story, Galley finds out that her savior, Ido, is a bounty hunting Hunter-Warrior and she miraculously rescues him from a bounty that almost kills him. The thrill of the fight and of the kill appeals to her so much that she becomes a hunter-warrior herself, against Ido's wishes. She ends up having to fight a huge and nasty brain eating junkie named Grewicica who was made by Chiren, Ido's ex-partner from when they lived up in zalem. Chiren didn't exist in the novels, but she was necessary for a more interesting movie. Galley also falls in love with a boy named Yugo, who is so maniacally obsessed with his dream of getting to zalem that he goes into the business of spine theft to pay for a nonexistent pass to get there. It is all a scam created by the factory's owner (he's the main authority figure), Mr. Vector.

This is an amazing story of love, life, and loss. The art and character design are incredible. Galley's cybernetic body is obviously mechanical, but very beautiful nonetheless. The animation is amazing, and the fight sequences are unforgettable. Once you see the movie, you can't help but get into the nine-part graphic novel series, which is incredible. Honestly, as amazing as the movie is, the graphic novels make it look pathetic. Take my advice and get into it! Yukito Kishiro is a genius!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Dark future
Review: Battle Angel is one of my favorite animes. It's unfortunate that this is all there is, because there is so much more that happens afterwards, like the motorball days or the tuned experience.

Adv does a great job is voice actor choices, all except for gally. When she yells, it is so annoying. Thank heaven there is the japanese version on the DVD.

Good stuff, but I wish the series would have been longer.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Nifty little gadget!
Review: I liked it!
The four is for not being longer, it feels like it should be more.
It's definitly one of the top anime movies i have ever seen!
Cute little robot with bloodlust.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Good for a mech movie
Review: I don't usually like mech movies, because it involves humans without souls in some cases, but just from watching the preview I got the impression that she became more humanlike along the way.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: BAttle angel
Review: This is the best Animation I have ever seen. Very good story line and great characters. A definite most own.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Yukito Kishiro makes magic with paper and ink!
Review: Terrific art and a good story line makes my ideal anime. Battle Angel is based upon a cyborg girl who is recovered from a junk pile by a kind-hearted cyber physician. Having little memory of her past Alita/Gally finds her way through a martian fighting ability known as panzer kunst that her body naturally remembers. This video was created before the book series was completed, so it leaves you in a sad cliff-hanger type of ending. You must see this film, but if you do, please read the books and see the whole story by yukio kishiro.

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