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Roku HD1000 High-Definition Digital Media Player

Roku HD1000 High-Definition Digital Media Player

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  • High-definition media player supports 1080i, 720p, and 480p outputs for optimal viewing on high-definition and HD-ready TVs
  • Designed for convenient living room slide shows and MP3/linear PCM music playback from your memory cards or personal computer
  • Compatible with Roku Art Packs and LiveArt (not included) for high-definition wall art from still and motion images
  • CompactFlash, SD, MMC, Memory Stick, and SmartMedia slots
  • Can be networked with your PC through an Ethernet port or Wi-Fi


Early Adopters Pick: October 2003. This is the world's first high-definition digital media player.

Whether you're already equipped with a high-definition TV or still using a standard CRT set, the HD1000 from Roku puts all manner of digital entertainment before your eyes and ears. Tap into a home computer network, hook the unit up to a stereo, or simply pop in a memory card--then sit back and enjoy your favorite photos, artworks, music, or LiveArt (full-motion images of beaches, waterfalls, etc.).

While it will work on nearly any monitor, the HD1000 was designed to make the most of a high-definition television's brilliant color and pristine clarity. The HD1000 makes viewing and sharing treasured digital photos easier and more exciting than ever. Photos displayed through the device will look crystal-clear on your high-definition or big-screen TV. No more crowding around a PC monitor in your cluttered den--the HD1000 lets you relax and view digital slideshows in a leisurely atmosphere.

Not watching a program on your wall-mounted plasma display? Now you can create stunning wall art with a click of your remote. Roku's Art Packs (not included) are a simple way to enhance your décor and make use out of an idle HDTV. Choose from a range of images--classic masterpieces, stunning nature scenes, or a lifelike aquarium--and bring them to life in your living room. Or, use LiveArt to change your surroundings without changing your location. Bring a rippling mountain lake, a leafy summer forest, or a white sand beach with soothing waves to turn your living room into a pool of peace and tranquility. The HD1000 supports looping HD MPEG2, standard JPEG images, and MPEG clips. (Art Packs come on CompactFlash memory cards; just pop in the card and choose your favorite scenery.)

Next, liberate your growing library of digital music files from your PC and listen to them through a home stereo. Roku lets you listen to files on any of various memory cards (CompactFlash, SD, MMC, Memory Stick, SmartMedia) or over a simple Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection, so you can enjoy your favorite music through the high-quality sound system in your living room. Its attractive onscreen display shows the current media source and displays its contents as well as the media file in play, with full ID3 data for music files.

The HD1000 offers built-in protection to reduce the risk of image burn-in on your TV screen, too. (The unit can't prevent all types of burn-in, of course--it's ultimately your responsibility to use your display's manual and common sense to prevent burn-in.) The HD1000's Screen Saver mode engages when the HD1000 is your primary video source, and it can even step in whenever one of your other video sources stops moving. When placed in a pass-through configuration--with the signal from a DVD player, say, passing through the HD1000 on its way to a screen--the HD1000 can detect when the video input source is still and will automatically generate a changing Screen Saver.

The HD1000 is based on the Roku OS, an open platform that includes Roku's advanced media APIs and the Linux Kernel, and for which other companies can design as-yet-undreamed-of accessories.

What's in the Box
HD1000, user's manual, remote control, remote batteries (two AAA), a component-video cable, a stereo analog audio interconnect, and an AC power cable.

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