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Humax T800 Digital Video Recorder with TiVo Service

Humax T800 Digital Video Recorder with TiVo Service

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Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Get the official TiVo!
Review: The Humax T800 is a poor clone of the official TiVo box, and costs three times as much! It's from a no-name company that may not be around a few months from now. The machine is noisy and makes you worry about whether the hard drive will go south any second. Go with the real TiVo box which is much better and cheaper.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: humax tivo works great
Review: this humax tivo has all the same functionality as a regular tivo (as far as i know). it works flawlessly. i installed a wireless usb adapter so that i could hook it up to my network and it worked without a problem. i did need a phone line to set it up initially, but this isn't usually a problem for most people. there is no noise coming from the machine and it isn't cheap at all. it appears very solid and i am really glad i bought it.

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