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Sony LF-X1 LocationFree 12.1" LCD TV

Sony LF-X1 LocationFree 12.1" LCD TV

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  • 12.1-inch TFT SVGA LCD monitor with touch panel and 800 x 600 native pixel resolution; 14.4 x 9.5 x 1.3 inches (W x H x D) monitor only
  • Dual-band wireless A/V transmission using 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g IEEE protocols; autoselects for the best signal
  • 3D digital comb filter, cross-color suppressor, noise reduction, 3:2 pulldown reversal, and motion adaptive IP conversion
  • Internet function, mail function, photo album, hand drawing function, Memory Stick slot, stereo speakers
  • Universal onscreen A/V remote commander controls most major brands of A/V components; supplied IR blaster wirelessly controls A/V components


Sony's LF-X1 LocationFree TV puts the age of mobile lifestyles and high-speed network connectivity at your fingertips in the form of a portable, broadband Internet-enabled LCD television system that you can use virtually anywhere in the world. Weighing less than an average laptop PC, the wireless LF-X1 consists of a 12.1-inch LCD TV with a standard 4:3 aspect ratio, 800 x 600 native pixel resolution, and an accompanying base station. The base station houses most connection terminals, an NTSC broadcast tuner, and a wireless transmitter. The monitor runs on a supplied rechargeable lithium battery, while the battery charger works on universal power (AC 100 to 240V) for use in most countries.

LocationFree TV is lightweight and easy to tote from place to place.
Using Sony's first dual-band wireless system (2.4 and 5 GHz), the base station transmits video content to the touch-panel screen--there's no mouse required. The set delivers stable video and audio signals without interference from other 2.4 GHz devices such as microwave ovens and cordless phones. Internet and TV content arrives from the base station by way of secured device authentication and encryption technology, making the system perfect for Internet surfing in WiFi hotspots and via Ethernet ports found in hotels, airports, and other locations.

The innovative system employs the IEEE 802.11a/11g protocol for a wide selection of transmission channels, and it switches the channel automatically to minimize monitor interference across a range of up to 100 feet from the base station. The 802.11a/g standards support a higher bit rate than the conventional 802.11b standard, helping the set maintain stable, high-quality video images. The LocationFree TV also uses advanced QoS (Quality of Service) technology, which delivers extra bandwidth security for reliable audio/video transmissions, even in high-traffic wireless environments.

Faroudja's DCDi (Directional Correlation Deinterlacing) is a video algorithm designed to eliminate the jagged edges along diagonal image lines resulting from video interpolation. DCDi monitors image edge transitions and fills in the gaps between frames.

The LF-X1 is a multitasking chameleon. It weighs around 5 pounds and includes angled-line correction circuitry for smoothing out jagged lines; motion-adaptive I/P conversion circuitry for improving fast-moving action scenes; and a digital-audio amplifier for crisp sound with minimal distortion. It also features picture-in-picture capability and an audio/video input for connecting to a camcorder, game console, DVD player, or other entertainment device.

The LocationFree TV autoselects the strongest wireless signal so you get the best transmission wherever you're watching.
When the base station and the wireless monitor are each connected to the Internet through your existing ISP, you can easily and quickly access the Web, exchange e-mail, and shop online using the onscreen keyboard. It can also morph into a digital photo album, displaying custom slide shows from its built-in memory or from Memory Stick media, which plugs into a dedicated flash-memory port.

Filling the role of an intuitive graphical use interface (GUI), the onscreen universal remote and onscreen keyboard heighten the LocationFree TV's uniqueness and versatility. Sony's GUI simplifies navigation of all aspects of the set. You can even use the screen itself as a remote to switch from channel to channel or from function to function. (A USB port facilitates hookup of an optional physical keyboard.)

The base station houses an Ethernet port for broadband compatibility and 2 video inputs for audio/video components and other peripherals (S-video, composite-video). There's also IR blaster for added control and convenience and a USB port for connecting to an optional analog (dial-up) modem.

What's in the Box
TV, base station, a quick-start guide, an IR blaster, a rechargeable battery pack, an instruction manual, and a stylus.

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