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JVC DRMH30S DVD Recorder with 160 GB Hard Drive (Silver)

JVC DRMH30S DVD Recorder with 160 GB Hard Drive (Silver)

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  • DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD-RAM recorder/player and digital video recorder with 160 GB storage capacity
  • Stores up to 204 hours of audio/video programming; offers 1-year/32-event advance programming and library database DVD navigation
  • Extensive DVD-RAM/DVD-RW on-disc editing features, including auto chapter-thumbnail creation
  • Plays DVD, MP3/WMA audio CD, and JPEG image CD; progressive-scan video outputs for seamless, flicker-free playback
  • Measures 17.1 x 2.8 x 13.8 inches (W x H x D)


JVC's DR-MH30S combination DVD recorder/player and hard-disk recorder provides extraordinary home-entertainment versatility. The sleek, 2.8-inch-high deck permits flexible on-disc editing with DVD-RAM and DVD-RW media and easy, digital-to-digital dubbing of high-quality MPEG-2 images, including high-speed dubbing (DVD-RAM: 3x normal speed; DVD-RW: 2x; DVD-R: 4x)--and all with no ungainly component stacking or complicated hookups.

The built-in hard drive boasts a whopping 160 GB of storage space, holding up to 204 hours of audio/video programming--that's more than 8 solid days' worth of quality shows, an ideal tool for time-shifted viewing and temporarily storage before you evaluate and archive only the programs you want to long-lasting DVD.

The DR-MH30S can pause a live recording, and it provides several simultaneous recording and playback options: recording on the hard disk while playing back from the hard disk or DVD, or recording on DVD while playing back from the hard disk. Not to be overlooked is a fail-safe recording feature during DVD recording that automatically moves an entire program to the hard disk should the program run longer than the DVD's available space.

The deck's Super MPEG Encode Pre-Processor is a 3-step process that takes place before MPEG-2 encoding of the input signal. A time-base corrector eliminates jitter, a frame synchronizer provides frame normalization, and Motion Active Noise Reduction provides a clearer image than with conventional frame noise reduction, such as 3D noise reduction, by way of an algorithm that predicts motion, which the recorder applies between moving pictures to minimize image lag.

The Super MPEG Post-Processor enhances playback image quality through block noise-reduction circuitry, Color DigiPure (which provides 3D noise reduction along with color and detail enhancement), and Hadamard noise reduction (to eliminate mosquito noise).

Editing using the DR-MH30S is a snap, thanks to its navigation system with thumbnail images. Editing from the hard disk to DVD is as simple as creating a playlist, and the thumbnails make it easy to find the desired scenes. Dubbing is just as easy: just select the desired scenes and press "OK".

Convenience features include live memory, which allows fast forwarding, rewinding and slow replay during recording (DVD-RAM only), and DVD Navigation, which can accommodate information about 1,300 recorded programs, including disc number, title, and other details. Load a disc and DVD Navigation will display a thumbnail of recorded programs so you can easily identify content, and the player will even animate the thumbnail images, with sound, when you select them with the cursor.

Other features include quick skip for skipping 30 seconds forward, instant/1-touch replay (which replays the last 7 seconds viewed), natural reverse playback, and a multi-brand remote control. Connections include an i.Link/DV input for your digital camcorder; front and rear S-video and composite-video inputs; component-, S-video and composite-video outputs; a front-panel audio input; and digital-audio outputs (1 each optical/coaxial) alongside a stereo analog audio output.

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