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Akimbo AP1200 Video on Demand Player

Akimbo AP1200 Video on Demand Player

List Price: $229.99
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  • Video-on-demand service that delivers personalized programming over your broadband Internet connection straight to your TV
  • Downloads and stores up to 200 hours on a 80 GB hard drive of programming for viewing now or later using high-quality Windows Media 9 audio/video format
  • Thousands of programs to meet every interest; onscreen guide lets you browse by channel or category or search by keyword
  • 2 service plans: $9.99 monthly or one-time $199.99 Product Lifetime fee; connects wirelessly using the Linksys WUSB12 wireless USB adapter
  • Measures 17 x 3 x 11 inches (W x H x D)


The Akimbo AP1200 set-top box links your TV and broadband Internet connection, delivering the largest video-on-demand service to your living room. With the Akimbo Player you can download and store up to 200 hours on its 80 GB hard drive of programming that meets all interests, all of which you can view at your convenience from the comfort of your couch. Browse Akimbo's shows with the supplied remote control and take advantage of the player's wireless networking ability to simplify your hookup.

Streaming video content over your computer can be fun and convenient, but it has its drawbacks. Servers and connections don't always permit uninterrupted viewing, and picture quality is, more often than not, pretty bad. The Akimbo Player improves on that experience in three ways: it downloads content completely before playing it; it uses the high-resolution Windows Media 9 video format for better-than-VHS quality; and the system lets you view programming delivered through your broadband connection right in your living room, through your television rather than your computer monitor.

Akimbo's large network of movies and specialty programming is at your fingertips via the accessible and easy-to-navigate onscreen menu.
Then there's the Akimbo Service, an entirely new network of movies and specialty programming. The Akimbo Service, required for use of the AP1200, offers the nation's largest--and ever growing--video-on-demand-service for television, including more than 60 channels not currently available over satellite or cable TV networks.

All you need to get up and running is the Akimbo Player, a broadband/DSL Internet connection, a subscription to the Akimbo Service, and--for wireless communication between the Akimbo and your Internet modem--the Linksys WUSB12 wireless USB adapter (currently the only Akimbo-approved adapter for this purpose, sold separately). Alternately, just hook up a Cat5 cable (not included) for a wired connection to your PC or network.

You have a choice of 2 service plans: monthly ($9.99) or product lifetime ($199.99), either of which gives you the Akimbo Guide, the Free For All package, and access to Akimbo's Premium Services, which deliver additional content via rental, subscription, or membership. Prices depend on specific content providers.

The Free For All package includes movies, music, news, and sports, with new programs added regularly. Premium Services consist of a variety of channels devoted to movies, sports, music, fitness, lifestyle, kids, foreign-language programming, and additional special-interest categories, and fees for Premium Services can be as little as 49 cents (After Dark adult content is classified as a Premium Service).

The Just In menu gives you snapshots of new arrivals and shows content already lined up for download.
With thousands of programs available, how will you choose what to watch? Enter the Akimbo Guide, a comprehensive program list conveniently organized by channel and category, with a handy option for keyword search. You can preview many selections before downloading them. And whether you're at home or away, you'll be able to use the MyAkimbo.com Web site to browse and select programming to watch later on your TV. MyAkimbo.com also offers movie reviews, Editor's Choice picks, and programming showcases, among other features.

Use the remote to quickly find the programs you want. The remote includes familiar functions like fast forward, rewind, pause, and instant replay. And you never have to worry about what your children are watching: Akimbo uses comprehensive parental controls so you can restrict access to shows you deem inappropriate.

Rear-panel connections include the Ethernet/Cat5 port, a choice of composite- and S-video outputs for your TV or monitor, a set of stereo left/right RCA audio outputs, and an optical digital-audio output for integration with an audio/video receiver. The AP1200 is firmware upgradeable, so new features can be added as soon as the company makes them available.

What's in the Box
Akimbo AP1200, a remote control, remote batteries, a video cable, an AC power cord, a set-up guide, and a user's manual.

Note: A paid subscription to the Akimbo Service is required for use of this device.

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