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HUMAX DVD-R/RW Recorder/TiVo Series2 DVR Combo DRT800

HUMAX DVD-R/RW Recorder/TiVo Series2 DVR Combo DRT800

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  • Digitally records up to 80 hours of programming onto the 80GB hard drive
  • Control live TV by pausing and rewinding it, and create slow-motion and instant replays of any channel at anytime
  • Season Pass function automatically records every episode of a favorite program all season long
  • Browse up to 14 days of program data with the Electronic Program Guide


The Humax DRT800 DVD recorder with Series2 TiVo service was designed to eliminate the confusion and complexity of DVD recording with a streamlined design and seamless integration with TiVo digital video recording and an attendant 80-hour hard-drive. The integration of a full-featured DVD recorder/player means you'll have the choice of recording shows to the unit's hard disk or to a write-once DVD-R or rewritable DVD-RW.

Your commercial DVDs will always look great using the set's progressive-scan video outputs (optimized for high-definition and HD-ready televisions). Front-panel audio/video inputs include a DV (digital video) IEEE 1394 jack for your DV camcorder, making it easy to copy from camcorder tapes to long-lasting DVD--perfect for sharing footage with loved ones. You can archive from the unit's hard disk to DVD, too, and the DRT800 even saves you time by letting you burn a DVD in the background while you're still recording and watching live TV.

The TiVo service included with the ($12.95 per month for the first box and $6.95 per month for additional boxes) offers the popular service features available only from TiVo. TiVo lets you search for your favorite TV show, and with the push of a button, set the DRT800 to record it automatically every time it's on. Record up to 80 hours of television entertainment without the hassles of videotape, control live television (pause, rewind, slow-motion, instant replay any channel, anytime), and schedule recordings online.

The DVR section also offers an electronic program guide (EPG), which keeps the DVR up-to-date with 14 days of program data; Season Pass recordings, with which the DVR automatically records every episode of a favorite program all season long; WishList searches to find and record all programs that feature a favorite actor, director, team, or topic; TiVo Suggestions, which automatically records shows based on your recording preferences; and smart recording, which detects line-up changes, adjusts recording times as needed and automatically, and even skips reruns.

If you're already set up for a home network, you can use the DRT800 as an extension of your network, streaming JPEG images or MP3 music files from your PC to the DRT800 for media enjoyment in the comfort of your living room. A home network also gives you access to recorded programs on multiple TiVo DVRs, too.

The DRT800's ergonomically engineered remote control puts the power to pause, rewind, slo-mo, and record right in the palm of your hand. Plus, its varied input/output connections confer multiple configuration options and a pair of USB ports grant the option of future feature expansion.

What's in the Box
DVD recorder/TiVo DVR, a 25-foot RJ-11 phone cord, a phone-line splitter, a stereo analog audio/composite-video interconnect, an RF coaxial cable, a serial (data) control cable, an IR control cable, an AC power cord, a remote control, remote batteries, a blank recordable DVD-RW disc, a user's manual, and warranty information.

Note: TiVo service is required and is available for $12.95 per month ($6.95 per month for additional boxes) or $299 for Product Lifetime.

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