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ReplayTV RTV4516 160-Hour Digital Video Recorder

ReplayTV RTV4516 160-Hour Digital Video Recorder

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  • $250 Activation Fee Required
  • Pause live-action TV shows
  • High-quality slow-motion and fast forward effects
  • Networking ability lets you send programs to other 4500 Series users
  • Skip past annoying ads with Commercial Advance feature


A ReplayTV DVR (digital-video recorder) makes it simple to record favorite shows without the complicated programming requirements of VCRs and without videotape hassles. The result? You are freed from set TV schedules, and you watch what you want, when you want. ReplayTV connects nightly to the ReplayTV service to download the latest channel guide information. You use this intuitive channel guide and main menu to follow simple--and in many cases, one-button--prompts. Because ReplayTV uses digital recording to store live television on a hard drive as you're watching, you'll also be able to control live TV. You can pause live TV to take a telephone call, rewind to see a scene again, use instant replay to jump back seven seconds, or watch a scene in slow-motion.

With the ReplayTV 4516, you can connect to the ReplayTV service through a high-speed broadband Internet connection or an analog mode. And regardless of how you connect, you'll enjoy all the benefits this DVR offers, including one-button recording of favorite shows and the option to watch recorded shows without commercials. Plus, you get up to 160 hours of storage capacity. If you forget to program the receiver to record a show before leaving for vacation, no worries--access your ReplayTV over the Web and program it from anywhere.

If you connect to the ReplayTV service through a high-speed broadband Internet connection, you'll be able to share recorded programs with friends and family who have ReplayTV 4500-series components. And, if you have a home network, it's easy to connect a ReplayTV and stream video from room to room between multiple ReplayTVs, or share digital photos between a PC and a ReplayTV. With two ReplayTV 4500-series models in a home connected via the unit's Ethernet port, you can watch recorded programs stored on either unit. So, if you're using the upstairs ReplayTV 4500 unit and you want to watch a program that was recorded on the downstairs unit, no problem--just select it. Other features include commercial advance, show organizer, conflict resolver, progressive-scan output, digital-audio output, and a backlit remote control.

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