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ReplayTV RTV5160 160-Hour Digital Video Recorder

ReplayTV RTV5160 160-Hour Digital Video Recorder

List Price: $499.99
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  • 160-hour digital video recorder
  • Pause live-action TV shows
  • High-quality slow-motion and fast forward effects
  • Networking ability lets you send programs to other 5000 Series users
  • Skip past annoying ads with Commercial Advance feature


Early Adopters Pick: December 2002. The highest-capacity digital video recorder available, with 160 hours of hard drive recording time.

A step up in broadband and home network-ready DVRs, ReplayTV's 5000 series digital video recorders let you distribute recorded programs within your home and share personal recordings of nonprotected video content with 15 friends and family members who also own 5000 series DVRs.

The ReplayTV 5160 stores 160 hours of programming while letting you pause, replay, and slow down live television--all with no tapes, no timers, and no trouble. The handy Commercial Advance feature plays recordings without advertising. This allows you to watch television on your own schedule, free from the constraints of network scheduling, which often pits multiple cool programs head-to-head.

With a cable modem or DSL, the 5160 hooks up for fast and easy broadband video transfers with other broadband-connected 5000 series users. It also lets you share video throughout the house using a built-in Ethernet port and existing home-networking equipment, and it stores digital photos and home movies, letting you see your favorite digital photos on TV. This ReplayTV provides iChannels (which lets you download video content from the Internet) and the Reply Channel Guide, downloaded daily through the broadband connection, which offers a convenient, grid-based list of shows that can be recorded at the touch of a button. It comes with an easy-to-use remote control. ReplayTV subscribers can pay $12.95 per month or a one-time product service activation fee of $299.

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