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ReplayTV 4532 Digital Video Recorder

ReplayTV 4532 Digital Video Recorder

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Rating: 1 stars
Summary: it looks nice but doesn't work
Review: 5 months after i bought this product it stopped working. sonic blue would barely exchange it for a recondioned unit. let the buyer beware. but this at your own risk and the risk is high. reviews all point to lots of these units not working!!!!!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Not perfect but better than 4 Stars!
Review: Commercial Advance - *
Watching Baseball games in half the time - *
Never missing Eastender (for my wife) - * (at least until BBC America make it disappear / go to pay per view)
Pause live TV when the kids want to show you something - *
Watch something recorded whilst recording - *

See - more than 4 stars.

Downside - sometimes shuts recordings off "early" - and I haven't found a way of recording + 1H apart from making a manual recording.

The blue light on the front is too bright.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: it looks nice but doesn't work
Review: First off, I was going to go with TIVO until I found this unit. Open box with rebate along with it made it too irresistabel to pass up. Plus the subcription fee is only 9.99, much cheaper then TIVO when you think about having for a year. I was also drawn to this model becuase of the ethernet port and digital out. THe only ones to have this when I purchased it. Let me tell you, setting it up was a bit of a hastle, First I plugged it my ethernet cable in and couldn't get it to recognize, after about 30 minutes i tried it with the phone line, here it dialed out and finally I was able to set it use the ethernet port. I think mine had this becuase it used phone jack before when it was a display model. Ohh well, my only other gripe is that I use this DirecTv and well it does not get any of the pay-per-view listings or sport listings, this is more on part of ReplayTv service offering then with the actual player, still a major gripe on my part. But the listings are easy to navigate, to find movies it's great, everything is so simple to understand that my GF could use it with out my instructions. I've seen tivo and really like ReplayTv's setup. Also the best feature is really the commerical advance, you would think it wouldn't make a big deal if you just had to fast forward it manually, but with just a quick skip of a second and your back to watching the show that just left for commerical break, no work from you. Obviously this feature is only avaiable on a recorded show. But now when I watch a tv program, commericals do bother me now. It really spoils you. Why it's not a 5 is becuase of the listing problem wtih direcTv. Also, the Digital out will not get you a 5.1 sound output. Beucase there is no digital in, and you can't receive a digital sound over coaxial cable w/o inputting it first to into a digital receiver, you can't get a true digital signal. I'm really not sure why they even put this option in. Good for the price and the menu is really slick!

Rating: 1 stars
Review: I labored over which unit to buy, Replay or Tivo? I went for the Replay because it [is less to purchase and has a lower monthly fee]. What a good call, Replay delivers! What I have read about both machines is interchangable, but the real prize is the commercial skip(Tivo does not have skip). The two most used fuctions for my family is the pause button and the commercial skip button. You will not go wrong with Replay.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Re=play T.V. better than V.C.R.
Review: I own this item , it is fantastic, you can record and watch something you have recorded eariler, at the same time. can't do that with a V.C.R.! I bought it when there was no monthly subcription fee. I want too update for one in the bedroom, but don't wanna pay monthly fee for it. It has a modem and calles out every night to up load channels for the 8th day, so you can record up to 8 days at a time, or set it to record your favorite shows, like soaps or sitcoms every week, it remembers.
or type in Luciele Ball, it will find all shows pertaining to that name. Fantastic item , I recomend to all...

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Largest capacity PVR on the market
Review: I purchased my Replay 5080 in late December 2002. Initial setup was a breeze. However, the problems soon started. I was unable to speak to any human in technical support until early Jan. 2003. I think the entire company closed for the holidays. After speaking to multiple support reps, my machine worked for 2 more weeks. The next "glitch" was in the software. They were aware of the problem, but did not have an answer. I shipped the unit back (at MY expense) and received a refurbished unit within 10 days. This unit worked for all of 3 weeks. It froze and no support suggestions could get it running. This time it took a week and multiple calls to get a supervisor to OK the return. (At least they sent an airbill this time to pay for the return). I am still waiting for my 3rd unit. This is their last chance. I would not suggest buying Replay TV until they figure out how to make their units a little more reliable.I feel I know more about fixing this product than some of their tech support staff.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Largest capacity PVR on the market
Review: If you ask anyone that's owned a ReplayTV or a Tivo, they will tell you that they never want to go back to TV without one. The 4532 is just more of a good thing. While it's rated at 320hrs. of recorded material, nobody I know watches on low resolution, which is the reason to own a large capacity unit. When run at medium quality setting, you are down to 160hrs, and increasing to highest quality reduces that even further. For us, an 80hr unit is plenty, however we want all 80hrs to be of the highest video quality, hence the 4320.

Watch shows when you want to, pause to answer the phone, schedule your viewing for a week and then watch it later with no commercials. Commercial Advance allows you to skip the commercials entirely. There is also a 30 second button that allows you to step through commercials.

Nothing is perfect, and PVR's (personal video recorders) are still relatively new products on the market. There are occasional software glitches, but overally these units work very well. ReplayTV was recently bought by the parent company to Denon, a very large Japanese consumer electronics company, which should ensure it's future.

Having owned earlier ReplayTV units, the advances with the 4xxx series are nice. The 5xxx series does not have the same level of build quality, and the software is buggier. I feel like the 4320 is the best PVR on the market right now. We also own a Tivo, but we let the kids use it. The ReplayTV units have features that Tivo just doesn't have, however Tivo is a solid platform, and doesn't suffer the occasional minor software glitches the Replay units do. Casual user should steer toward Tivo, while people that want to use the networkng capability and are willing to do a bit more setup will be well rewarded by the Replay 4320.

Warranty and out of warranty repairs are handled by exchanging for a reconditioned unit. These units also carry a warranty. We have never hand to exchange one, and from what I see on the AVS forum, not many others have had to as well. ...

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Replay has done it Again and Again and Again....
Review: ReplayTV has done it again with their latest release and improved on it.

The RTV4504 Replay unit is very similar to previous ReplayTV/ Panasonic offerings, making it a very good PVR. One of the best new features over the older models is the addition of control buttons on the actual unit, while the older models depended solely on the use of the remote. The Replay unit comes well apportioned with inputs and outputs and a very usable universal remote, not like the ones sitting around your house doing nothing. There are two sets of composite inputs(RCA), one RF antenna, and one S-Video input. The outputs are one digital audio, one component (through a VGA adapter), an S-Video, and two composite outputs.

In order to use even the basic functions of the ReplayTV, you must have a broadband connection to register online. Once you've cleared that initial hurdle, you'll be ready to play. This unit different from previous units has a phone jack in the back that was disabled in previous versions of the software and hardware.I t offers connectivity via both phone and an always on broadband network connection. This unit allows for 40 hours of storage at standard recording quality. Of course, the amount of programming you can store depends on whether you record at the Standard, Medium, or High setting. At its best resolution, the RTV4504 holds around 26 hours worth of content.

Using the RTV4504's high-resolution VGA connector, you can hook up the PVR to a PC or to a TV's component input. You can even use a DLP or LCD projector with VGA inputs to enjoy ReplayTV at the 480p, semi-HDTV video resolution.

One of the main features of this unit is its network capability. If you have a home network you can share shows with other Replay 4XXX units and you can share it with others outside of you home via the internet with the required broadband connection. With variables such as your ISP and connection along with those with whom you're sharing programming content with can mean that a single standard-level half-hour recording could take anywhere from two to eight hours to download.

The internet interoperability also allows for you to program you Replay via a web interface called MyReplayTV.com. This however takes at most 24 hours for it be "synched' with your replay unit when "calls" in for updated programming schedules usually around 3-4 AM. Sonicblue says the 4000-series models will "soon" support direct, instant access so that you can set shows remotely to record on the fly. And they upgrade their software regularly.

The best feature is the PVR's ability to filter out almost all commercials with a simple menu change. When it's recording in the Commercial Advance mode, the ReplayTV RTV4504 automatically skips from about one second into the first commercial to about five seconds before the program resumes, but you still may end up with a few commercials (it isn't perfect).

I love my ReplayTV, there is great third party support ... for this unit just like TiVo that if you are so inclined to void your warranty can improve on this already great PVR. There is talk that the low introductory price may involve a subscription base service of [price] instead of the all included Lifetime Service Fee from previous models

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: ReplayTV or TiVo?
Review: The features of the ReplayTV are well documented in other reviews. This review is for those people trying to decide between a ReplayTV or a TiVo. Both are fine products, but there's one feature that ReplayTV has that TiVo doesn't (and never will)...the Commercial Advance feature. This one button makes all the difference! If you have recorded a show, with the commercial advance feature enabled, you can play the show back commercial free. The feature works by detecting the gaps that are present in between commercials. When the commercials come up, it simply skips over them and back to the program in a split second. With TiVo, you have to fast forward (just like speed searching on a VCR). The commercial advance on the Replay unit is not fool proof. It looks for those gaps in :30 second succession. So if the network throws in a :60 second commercial, that's where the unit will advance to. But, Replay has a "QuickSkip" button. Push it, and the program advances :30 seconds per push. "QuickSkip" is another feature Tivo doesn't have.
I own 3 Replay units (2; 2000 series and 1; 4040) and have never had a problem with their tech support. Contrary to what another reviewer stated, I've always found the tech people at Replay knowledgeable and helpful.

Rating: 2 stars
Summary: Not that great
Review: The ReplayTV was very disappointing. This unit dramatically reduced the picture quality of cable tv. Infact I had to buy a video amplifier in order to make the quality of certain stations acceptable. The quality of recorded shows was also very poor. Just to make it clear the quality of cable tv is excellent when the unit is not attached.

Customer service is non existent. I sent 2 e-mails to tech support and NEVER received a reply.

The good:
- The commercial advance feature is cool
- Don't have to rewind video tapes

The bad
- The remote is big and not very well laid out.
- The advertised 80hrs of record time is on the lowest quality setting. It gets about 25hrs on the high quality setting.
- Picture quality is really bad
- No tech-support

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