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ReplayTV 2020 Digital Video Recorder

ReplayTV 2020 Digital Video Recorder

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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: The new 2.0 upgrade is excellent, I love this machine.
Review: I decided to purchase a PTV box in January with my tax refund. My VCR was dieying a slow death & I head read several articles on ReplayTV & Tivo.

3 major factors in deciding between the 2 Personal TV devices were:

1. How long have they been in use? Replay has been out longer & has more users out there.

2. Do I have to pay subscription fee after purchasing a very expensive device? ReplayTV you receive lifetime subscription to the channel guide for free. Tivo - $9.95 per month, or $199.00 for life.

3. When will the next version of software come out? ReplayTV was on the cusp of releasing 2.0 within weeks. (as of 3/9/00 release 2.0 has been out for 2 weeks, it excellent!) Tivo is still not exactly sure when it's next release would be out.

I'd like to say how improved the 2.0 upgrade is over 1.3. It's much faster either moving from 1 screen to the next, even moving from one item to the next is very noticeable. Replay Zones help find the shows that you'd really like to see every day or week. I especially love the ability to be able to search for shows by actor, director, title and/or description.

One of the features of the 2.0 software is that you can turn off the power when it's not in use & the hard drive will spin down, the box will then generate less heat (actually the hottest mine has been is 77degrees) & less humming(It's much quieter than my laptop computer) as well as use less electricity.

I'm not trying to say Tivo is not good. I believe it is, & I know there are people who are very happy with them.

But when it came time for me to order & put out $499.00, I easily chose ReplayTV. I could not even dream of going back to a VCR now, it's just not as fun!

The best thing about my ReplayTV is.... My girlfriend figured out how to use it on her own!

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Early adopters will love this product
Review: If you like to have something you want to watch everytime you sit down in front of the TV, then a Replay box is for you.

You program it to automatically record specific programs, movies starring your favorite actors, or programs on your favorite subject and it automatically searches its program guide for these and records them. (No more spending time setting the VCR to record multiple episodes of a favorite sitcom or drama -- you only have to do this once with a Replay.)

You'll discover how much you DON'T want to watch regularly scheduled programing, when you have a better alternative. (I find myself watching Replay-recorded shows more than half of the time.)

And it's great to be able to skip commercials (it's faster and more convenient than fast-forwarding a VCR and lets you easily watch a 30 minute show in only 20 minutes).

I personally haven't had any problems with crashes, but do have one caveat: Getting the Replay hooked up correctly can be a daunting task if you already have lots of video equipment, such as cable/satellite boxes, VCRs and DVDs. It may take you several tries to get everything to work the way you want it, so don't try doing this when you're pressed for time.

And if you love TV or have a family that does, buy the largest capacity model you can afford -- you'd be surprised how quickly the disk can fill up.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: life changing
Review: This little recorder make the top 3 list in my house.
I cant imagine doing with out it.. I wish I had the 60 hour
unit now. It don't miss a beat.


Rating: 1 stars
Summary: don't buy ReplayTV
Review: I bought the replaytv 60 hr unit and have had nothing but problems for 7 months. The first unit had a problem with the modem. It would connect to the server only once in a great while. The next 4 (that's right 4 replacement units that replayTV sent) all skipped. I should say they skipped and froze up to be acurate. The last unit not only skipped but also rebooted itself every half hour or so. I am currently waiting for the next unit(these were all different units with different serial numbers not my same unit repaired) but I have given up hope of ever having a working unit. The fact that 5 different units have had problems shows the widespread unreliability of the ReplayTV hardware. When replaytv works it is great but this got to be the worst electronics device I have ever had as far as reliability and I have had quite a few. The first unit I had worked great other than the modem problem. It recorded everything and was a joy to use. The only problem is that if the modem does not work then the on screen tv listings are not updated and you eventually can't record the shows you want. The other units they sent have just been horrible and the last unit with the rebooting was the worst. I am very technically oriented and after countless hours with their tech support each time it was determined that it was hardware/software defects. Replaytv has tried to get the problems resolved but 5 replaytv units not working is just too much. What ever you do...don't buy ANY ReplayTV products or you will get to know their tech. support people very well. Remember, if I have had a problem with 5 different units than the likelyhood that you will have a problem is probably pretty good no matter which model you buy. If you want a DVR then look at Tvio; they can't be worse than RepalyTV. I don't own Tivo but if I had it to do over again....I guess the $9.95 a month doesn't seem so much now. I spent $65.00 shipping it back the first few times before I got ReplayTV to pay shipping each way on later units. Stay away from anything ReplayTV.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Good for the 1st month or so
Review: After regular use, Replay TV units break. The hard drive wears out and video/sound gets blotchy. I've returned two different defective units, and still have not received a replacement EIGHT WEEKS later. They do not honor their warranty. Also check out ... (Better Business Bureau). Under "Check Out A Company", punch up Replay TV in Mountain View, CA. I'm not the only one who is having trouble getting them to fix their bad product.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: ReplayTV has changed the way I watch TV
Review: I ordered a ReplayTV to replace my aging VCR. I have been taping The Young and the Restless for years - everyday at 11:00am. With ReplayTV, I now just hit the record button twice and my soap is recorded daily. Plus, I can skip past the commercials quickly without having to fast forward my tape. Now I just jump on my exercise bike and watch my one hour soap in about 30 minutes.

I really ordered this unit with my soap in mind but now, I always use my Replay channel guide and record the shows I want to see with one touch of my remote. Plus, I can pause a show that is live (to answer my phone) and I can create instant replays. My friend wanted to show me an ad that was filmed in New Orleans but I missed it because I was in the kitchen. I simply grabbed the remote and hit Instant Replay and played the ad again. He thought this was very cool!

Who should get this product? - Anyone and everyone who watches television. This is perfect for my sister who is always concerned about what her children are watching when she and her husband have a babysitter. With ReplayTV, they can pre-select TV for the night! Also, my brother, who is big sports fan, will love the Instant Replay feature.

This is truly an amazing product.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Revolutionary!
Review: Wow! This thing is amazing!

First: to anyone worried about buying such a pricey item online: I did have troubles with the unit that was inititally shipped. But, both Amazon and Replay were SUPERB in their handling of the situation. I had the problem corrected in less than 48hours from initial delivery.

Now...on to the fun stuff. This thing rocks! The user interface is EASY. Anyone can navigate the listings, set recordings, set up the machine, etc. Arrow buttons and "Select" are all that's needed.

I got the 20hr unit and I think that's plenty. Sure, there are some shows that seem pixelated on the lowest setting but it's no big deal. I don't have too many "Guaranteed" shows (the unit has taped EVERYTHING it's supposed to) so that might have something to do with it.

I rarely watch live TV anymore - it's so inconvenient. I just tape plenty of "filler" shows - shows I enjoy but aren't "must see". Then, when I sit down to watch TV I have a few hours just waiting for me. And they're INSTANTLY there - no fumbling with tapes!

And I've read stories of other units crashing, etc. Mine has not had one single crash or slow time of operation (nor one software download) in a week's time. Everything's run smoothly.

There are some minor features I'd like (the ability to record on a "timer" and being able to change "Replay Channels" settings with current episodes "waiting") but they're minor and could be added with future software updates.

It's great...it WILL change your habits. But one NOW! :)

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: I like it!
Review: It's hard to tell someone who has never had a ReplayTV how different it is than having a VCR. It's like trying to describe how a microwave oven changes your ability to eat to someone who has only an electric stove. I can watch what I want exactly when I want. I think that the only thing which was a little bothersome about the unit is that the volume level on the audio is set lower than that on my tv or vcr, but it's a really minor thing. I'm sure that any other product has it's "minor" issues as well. ReplayTV is a good product and I have no regrets about getting it.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Changes the way I watch TV
Review: I wrote an earlier review, so I hope this one gets posted too. I had problems with installation that took a long time to solve. Once over that hurdle, I must admit that this is a terrific product. It changes the way I watch TV. I now watch what I want, when I want. While that was posible with a VCR, Replay makes it much easier. When I watch a previously recorded show with the Reply, it feels like the program is airing then. Also, the fast forward is instantaneous, like on a DVD. Installation was a chore, but the product is worth the effort.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: How did I get by without this?
Review: I purchased my Replay 2020 in may and so far it has been everything I expected. I had no trouble hooking the unit up to my Dish Network receiver and my home theatre receiver. There is a slight degredation in sound quality through the unit. I have the video hooked up with S-video and I can't tell the difference from hooking it up direct although a review I have read in Home Theater mag says there is some drop in video quality. Once the unit upgraded the software after the 1st dial in it has been a pleasure to use. The standard recording quality is fine to watch shows but if you want to send it to a vcr the high quality is better. If you record a lot of shows to save this is the coolest device ever. It is so easy to edit out the commercials. I'm sure advertisers hate this thing because you never have to watch a commercial again. The program menu is much faster and easier to use than the Dish Network menu once you block out the hundreds of channels you can't receive. I definately plan to get the new model with the larger hard drive ASAP. I made one call to Replays customer service when I lost the color on live TV. They were very helpful in locating the problem which was mine, a loose cable. It's a pretty large investment but it will let you watch TV by your schedule not by the programmers schedule and mainly you don't have to dedicate one third of your time to watching commercials!

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