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Aiwa NSX-AJ300 Compact Stereo System

Aiwa NSX-AJ300 Compact Stereo System

List Price: $200.00
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  • 60 watts per channel
  • CD-R/-RW-compatible 3-disc changer
  • Magnetically shielded 3-way, bass-reflex speakers
  • Dual-well full-logic cassette deck
  • Full-function remote control


Enliven your office, dorm, or bedroom with this full-featured, 60-watt-per-channel system. Features include a three-CD changer, AM/FM digital-synthesis tuner, dual-well cassette deck, electronic graphic equalizer (with three presets and three-position T-Bass), eight-band spectrum analyzer with color display, a pair of three-way bass-reflex speakers, and a full-function remote control.

This system makes use of BBE circuitry, used in professional sound applications, which dynamically adjusts for frequency and phase distortions, bringing the reproduced sound into sharper focus.

To help eliminate unnecessary power consumption, ECO mode (Power Economizing Mode) dims the front panel display, which brightens only when you operate any of the controls; the display dims again after 10 seconds. Additionally, if there is no audio signal for 10 minutes from the CD or tape player (or from any external source), the system automatically powers down.

This stylish, metallic unit benefits from exclusive DINA (Dynamic Integrated Neo Amplifier) technology for increased dynamic range, increased headroom, lower distortion, and a wider soundstage (the perceived width of the sound as heard sitting midway between the speakers).

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