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Aiwa NSX-AJ100 Compact Stereo System

Aiwa NSX-AJ100 Compact Stereo System

List Price: $150.00
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Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Lazy Bumb Music
Review: This is a fairly good Stereo. It fits most bookshelves (hence the name) and can swich between 3 CD's. Thats perfect for me because I only have 3 CD's.(Wierd Al, Papa Roach, and Gorillaz)I called this review "Lazy Bumb Music" because It has a remote and I often sit on my Lazy A** using the remote to control the radio, record CD's, adjust the volume or just listin to CD's and change them. It's A good stereo. I gave it a 4 because it can't go very loud. (I have a small room so I don't care) This is a room stereo not a house one. If you whan't one to fill a room it's the best. The remoter takes two AA batteries and the stereo plugs into the wall. Get this stereo for your offspring for Christmas, that way they can't blare music all threw the house. (They wount because they can't)

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