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Emerson EWC1303 13" TV/VCR Combo

Emerson EWC1303 13" TV/VCR Combo

List Price: $99.99
Your Price: $85.49
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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: 13" TV/VCR Combo
Review: Do not turn away from this nice Combo because it is only a 13" screen. There are many situations where it is just perfect. The TV is a great size for the kitchen or in a home work station next to the computer. The picture is clear and sharp with beautiful colors. The smaller screen size makes the picture sharper. The built-in VCR is so very handy to save a TV program that you do not have time to watch until later. This Combo is manufactured by Funai Corp and available for under $100. They produce the 13" TV/VCR Combo with three brand names on them. However, they are all made by Funai and are virtually identical. So it is OK to shop for the lowest price. The three brand names are Symphonic, Emerson and Sylvania. My unit is with brand name Symphonic Model # WF0213C.

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