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Acoustic Research 900MHz Wireless Stereo Headphones (AW771)

Acoustic Research 900MHz Wireless Stereo Headphones (AW771)

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Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Acoustic Research AW-717 Wireless Headphones
Review: At Best Buy, I liked the way these feel on my head; they are the type that envelope the ears. Also, I respected AR. However, I thought Best Buy's price was really excessive, so I purchased them though Amazon/Electronics Emporium, and saved about $70! (~$108 vs. ~$37).

I'd say the phones sound pretty good, but not as good as good wired phones. (It seems wired phones' cords inevitably fail, however.) Clicks, static, swishing, and a few dropouts are fairly rare (it seems this genre cannot escape these faults).

I feel I got a super deal on these. Now, I'll see if they last....

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Better than infrared!
Review: Comfortable, if a bit on the heavy size, these headphones work as advertised. The charging base/transmitter unit is a bit ungainly looking, but contrary to some other opinions, I find the whole affair well designed.

The headphones are bulky and heavy compared to lightweight wired headphones, but work very well...at least in my environment. I use these exclusively at work, wearing them in my office as well as in the server room. I occasionally experience some signal fade or drop, but this is to be expected. 98% of the time, these work very well. The audio quality is not exceptional, but these aren't billed as audiophile equipment either.

Charging the headphones is easy. You simply place the headphones over the base with the charging contacts on your left as you're facing it. It takes a little bit of finesse, and maybe some attention to detail, to use this, but it's not as hackneyed as some would claim. Overall, these work just fine and for them to work 200 feet away from my desk in a noisy and magnetically challenging environment is a high recommendation.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Pleasantly Surprised!
Review: I am very happy with my new AW771 Headphones. They are the NUTZ! They work - as advertised - surprise surprise! No static with great range inside & outside the house. I use them primarily to listen to books on tape or CD - so there is a lot of dead-air time. The reception is very clear with just an occassional schwoosh noise to be heard as the transmitter readjusts itself to your location (I do a lot in the yard & house while listening). While listening to music - you never hear the schwooshes. The velvety headphone cups are very comfy. Set up was a breeze.

I only have two small complaints:
1) I have a small head (I'm 5-foot tall) and even at their tiniest setting, they sometimes slide down my head and bend the ears a bit. But being so soft, it is easy enough to take.
2) The 1/4" adapter plug for the stereo headphone jack is so long that I cannot close the glass front door to my stereo cabinet while it is in use. Again, not a huge negative, but something to take into consideration.

Overall, I'd highly recommend this product - especially for the price range -- this is quality wireless reception at a decent price.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Questionable quality guaranteed to raise the blood pressure!
Review: I baught this headphone as a gift for someone and I can honestly say I was truly embarrased to give such a low quality gift. The minute everything was connected I tried to charge the headphones on the provided stand. The charge light would come on for a few seconds and then go back off. I would then move the headphone slightly and it would start to charge again for a few seconds. After looking at how the charger connects to the headphone I could clearly see what a horrible job the engineer who designed this product really did. I never did get them to charge for more than a few seconds at a time. I also can't see how a company can put out products like this and expect to stay in business for very long. I'm not surprised other people have had similar results. I am returning it today after I repackaged it with the same care AR spent on the design. You can bet I don't plan on buying from this manufacturer ever again, and I will probably not buy any more products from the company who sold it to me, either. You have to question thier corporate goals, too.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Acoustic Research 900MHz Wireless Sterio Headphones AW771
Review: I bought this wireless headphone AW771 in Dec. 03 at Circuit City. The first one was defective - On/OFF switch would not turn on the headphone. I exchanged a new one next day I bought it. It worked for 2 month. Then the on/off switch broke again. Now I could not turn on the headphone. Acoustic Research web site (WWW.Acoustic-Research.com) did not exit. I am not pleased this product at all.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: They Work! Watch out!
Review: I did some research online, here at Amazon before purchasing. I had wanted to buy a Sennheiser, but most people said they broke too easy and had lots of problems getting them to work without too much static. For the price, I thouvght, "No." So, doh me bought the Sony MDR-RF960RK 900 MHz RF Wireless Headphones with Auto Tuning. That was a mistake! They were nearly impossible to set in the charging base AND its power would turn off randomly. If my 900mhz phone was being used at the same time, I'd pick up the conversation and LOUDLY! Nearly blew my hearing. The static and interference were ridiculous, and I was thinking that maybe it was because of where I lived. NOT! So I had them replaced, just to get the same thing happening. Sony units are totally defective! So Best Buy let me exchange that mess for these.

WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT! They set in the charging base easily, NO interference, sounds decent, rarely cuts out (usually when I am moving suddenly to the ground, but will find itself again quickly), my microwave and phone don't interfere, and its power stays on! I can't say they'll last more than two months, but hopefully so. At least I bought Best Buy's extended 2-year warranty... ;-)

If you're thinking of those Sony's, get these instead. They're the same price and these work!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Good Product for the $$$ DONT get Sennhieser!
Review: I got these for a stop gap until my supposid expensive ( I paid 179$) Sennheiser Rs85 fancy schmancy headset arrived. I paid 99$ at Best Buy for the AW771s (unlike others below that paid 36$?) Only because I already had a pair of Advent corded headphones that I needed to return, so I bit the bullet.

Like others said these are WAAAY more comfortable than the Rs85s which have surprisingly uncomfortable small ear cups for a 200$ set. the AW 771s SURROUND your EAR with comfy foam that allows your ears to BREATHE. Being an Avid gamer i have these on for hours at a time and like my old plantronics they allow my ears to breathe. I find the quality to be very good, they sound better than the SH 85s IMHO too.

They are solidly build and not that heavy. I would like a little more adjustabilty on the headset to make them ride just a bit higher, the elastic strap between the hard strap self adjusts for the most part, I would like some kind of manual adjustment. I like the way the earcups pivot to get just the righ fit.

Only knock I have on them is the signal gets interrupted in my house when im just a room away. Not sure what causes this others may do better. Every house is different so its hard to compare. This is ONE area that SH 85s beat out the AWs. The signal in the SH 85s was stronger further away it seemed clearer with less static, but the crappy feel and cheap build of the RS 85s signal or not, just doesn't justify the price.

Why? Becuase for my needs the base is right next to my puter where I use them soley for gaming an listening to streaming radio. In the same room two feet away... crystal clear crisp reception. They are OK a few rooms way if your in the right place.. We are only 1 mile away from Cal Tech and JPL so God knows what kind of signals I got penetrating my living area to scramble this set far away.. but I can handle it.

I would recommend these highly for comfort, build and quality of sound. If AR can fix the signal strength they will have the Market cornered IMHO. Great buy, Sending back the SH 85s tommorow and keeping these!

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Easy setup, sounds great
Review: I read a few negative reviews and I am glad it did not stop me from getting these headphones. The setup was all of 3 minutes and they sound great. I guess if you are looking for true "audiophile" sound quality, you would be disappointed but for stereo and TV these are excellent.

Rating: 2 stars
Summary: 2 Weeks
Review: My pair lasted 2 weeks. I found the headphones a little difficult to setup. Not technically difficult, but it seemed like a lot of unnesessary work (there are two volume levels, three if you include the reciever or PC you are plugged into). My pair eventually died and were unable to connect to the base. I also found that the headphones were not as comfortable as other ones I've owned.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Cheap Materials
Review: The materials and design of these headphones are poor. I had a pair that fell off the couch, a drop of less than 2 feet, and both earpieces broke at the hinge point. They are now useless and I cannot get them replaced because the warranty holder is out of business. Stay away from these.

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