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Advent AW770 Traditional Over-Ear Wireless Headphones (Silver)

Advent AW770 Traditional Over-Ear Wireless Headphones (Silver)

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  • Omnidirectional transmitter
  • 300-foot transmission range
  • Full-range headphones
  • Padded headband
  • Rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries


Advent's AW770 Wireless Stereo Headphone is a wonder of modern home-electronics technology, rendering clear, full-bodied sound from CD players, VCRs, televisions, boomboxes, and other audio sources--all the while giving you complete freedom to move about.

The AW770 comes with two main parts: the transmitter and the headphones. About five inches in diameter, the transmitter plugs into a standard wall outlet and hooks into your desired audio source via a single stereo RCA cable. It has one control wheel for tuning and another that serves as master volume. The headphones have their own volume control as well. In our tests, we found that transmission noise was lowest when the transmitter volume was left at maximum. We positioned the transmitter's tuner arbitrarily while setting up and found that the headset's tuner zeroed in on the appropriate frequency with little adjustment.

The transmitter range, rated at 300 feet, seemed surprisingly large, but sound proved enjoyable at distances in excess of 300 feet. However, static and crackle did intrude as distance from the transmitter increased. Some locations required us to "retune" the headphones for clearer reception, but in general, the system worked smoothly once it was set.

The sound from our test CD closely resembled that of clear FM radio: dynamically compressed, slightly hissy at its quietest, and somewhat pronounced in the high frequencies though very listenable. The compact headphones, which can be powered by either standard or rechargeable Ni-Cad AAA batteries (supplied), sounded warm and full in the bass though slightly harsh at the top end, especially at very loud levels. However, this effect was counteracted by the headphones' sealed-enclosure design, which blocked out enough ambient noise so that we never had to crank them too high.

For convenience, comfort, and good overall sound, the Advent AW770 is a steal.


  • Clear sound
  • Good bass response
  • Usable over wide area (even different floors)
  • Comfortable headband


  • Headphones sound harsh at loud levels
  • Different battery states require different tuning
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