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Toshiba 50A60 50" TheaterView Projection TV

Toshiba 50A60 50" TheaterView Projection TV

List Price: $1,899.95
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  • 50-inch screen delivers reflection-free picture with wide viewing angle
  • Surround sound reproduces original 3-D audio field for improved home theater sound
  • Features convenient front audio-video and S-video inputs
  • 3-line digital comb filter offers sharp color image
  • Includes illuminated universal remote control with batteries


The Toshiba 50A60 TheaterView projection TV brings superb sound and video quality with cutting-edge features right into your home. The 50A60 sports a 50-inch, TheaterBright screen with a 160-degree horizontal viewing angle, three-line digital comb filter, a 16:9 aspect ratio, and 800 lines of horizontal image resolution for an incredibly clear and sharp picture. Standard features on this TV include the PowerFocus lens system with multilinear digital focus, which lets you adjust nine distinct areas on the screen. The result is virtually perfect, corner-to-corner convergence for the best possible focus and superior picture quality.

Home-theater enthusiasts will especially enjoy the added features such as dual-tuner picture-in-picture (check on the hockey score while watching the football game), color temperature control (warm/medium/cool), and advanced velocity scan modulation. The 50A60 even includes such detailed controls as flesh tone correction and color detail enhancer for the most brilliant and distinct colors under almost any viewing conditions.

Audio features include a dual-cone speaker system with surround sound and sub-bass system for bass boost. The TV outputs 28 watts of audio and includes variable audio outputs, so you can control the sound from an external amplifier. An MTS (Multi-channel Television Sound) decoder enables the television to accept and decode a broadcast stereo signal. Unlike some systems that delete dbx, MTS provides the full quality of the original stereo broadcast. AP (Secondary Audio Program) enables reception of bilingual broadcasts.

Connectability is a big advantage of the 50A60. It features ColorStream component video inputs, allowing for the best possible connection to your DVD player. Front panel A/V inputs (along with two rear A/V inputs) are convenient for direct hookups with your camcorder or an extra VCR, and the front and rear S-video inputs give you additional options for getting the best out of your components. The important variable audio and center channel audio inputs ensure that your TV will fit in with your existing home-theater audio system, or they will give you the connectivity options you want as you start to build a new system.

To complete the picture and make operation as easy as possible, a universal glow remote control is included so you can easily change channels, adjust audio properties, and set menu options, even in the dark.

The Toshiba 50A60 50-inch TheaterView Projection TV comes with a warranty that covers one year on parts and labor, two years on the picture tube.

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