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JVC TD-W354BK Dual Cassette Deck

JVC TD-W354BK Dual Cassette Deck

List Price: $199.99
Your Price: $159.94
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  • Dual-well cassette deck with auto-reverse recording and playback
  • Continuous playback (deck A-B) provides hours of uninterrupted listening
  • Dolby HX PRO for extended high-frequency response during recording
  • Microphone input with level control; pitch adjust; full-logic controls simplify operation and minimize tape wear
  • Compu Calibration adjusts bias, equalization, and recording level to ensure flat frequency response and low distortion


The TD-W354BK offers everything needed in a 21st-century cassette deck: convenience, quality, and affordability. Convenience: because many cars have tape decks and most of us still have boatloads of perfectly good tapes lying around the house. Quality: because cassettes can sound good, and CDs have heightened our sonic expectations. And affordability: because, after all, we're talking about cassettes here, and who wants to throw a lot of money in that direction?

In this dual-well deck, one transport records and plays, while the other just plays--but both offer full auto-reverse. And with continuous playback (deck A-B), you'll get over three hours of music using two 100-minute tapes. Further, deck A (playback) offers pitch control, which is handy for matching karaoke tapes to your vocal range and fun for just messing around. A .25-inch microphone input (with dedicated level control) lets you record live audio for posterity.

JVC has constructed the deck with cassette-shell stabilizers and large insulators to reduce acoustic modulation noise--critical with tapes this narrow and speeds this slow (relative to professional machines). For noise reduction, the TD-W354BK is outfitted with Dolby B and C, and deck B (recording) boasts Dolby HX PRO for extended high-frequency response.

Compu Calibration is one-touch, computer-controlled recording calibration for the specific tape you've loaded. The feature adjusts the bias, equalization, and recording level to ensure flat frequency response, extended high-frequency response, and low distortion. The unit keeps the last calibrated parameters in memory for each tape type (normal, chrome, and metal) and for each of the two cassette wells. Other features include auto tape selector (normal/CrO2/metal), high-speed editing with synchro dubbing, auto/synchro record mute, Multi Music Scan (music search), fluorescent level meters/counters, and a .25-inch stereo headphone jack for private listening.

JVC's enhanced COMPU LINK Control System greatly simplifies operation when the tape deck is used in concert with other JVC equipment. When the deck is used with a compatible JVC CD player, you can engage a feature called DDRP (Dynamics Detection Recording Processor), which makes the CD player scan the disc you're about to copy and sets the appropriate recording level for the tape deck.

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