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Aiwa AV-D58 Audio/Video Receiver

Aiwa AV-D58 Audio/Video Receiver

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An incredible value, Aiwa's AV-D58 brings in Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1-channel surround decoding, multiple digital-audio inputs, simulated surround processing, and an impressive 80 watts per channel for well under the $300 floor that used to be the norm for such features. Surround listening (through left, center, right, and left and right surround speakers and a subwoofer) heightens the realism of both DVD movies and, more recently, music.

In the event that you decide to upgrade to a high resolution DVD-Audio player, this receiver offers 5.1-channel analog inputs to accept a decoded DVD-Audio output. (DVD-Audio signals are too high-resolution for most digital-audio inputs.) With full features and an affordable price, this receiver is the perfect excuse to take your DVD enjoyment to the next level.

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