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Apple 10 GB iPod (M8737LL/A, July 2002 Version)

Apple 10 GB iPod (M8737LL/A, July 2002 Version)

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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Sweet little thing
Review: If you're looking for a MP3 player, look no further, everything else is a waste of time. Downloads in a snap, looks beautiful, works great. Can't say enough about the design, the headphones (which are great for ear-buds), even the little remote and case that comes with the 10GB version.
I've already managed to use up 3.5 GBs, which comes out to about 700 songs at CD quality, and I just can't believe that it holds as much as it does and replaces some of the basic functions of a PDA: contacts list and the calender functions.
Wonderful, and well worth downloading iSync so that you can let it automatically sync with your address book and iCal.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: The ideal mp3 Jukebox
Review: Incredible sound quality, only 2.4in x 4.0in x 0.8in. Literally about the size of a pack of cards. Holds 1,000+ songs. Remote allows for even easier use. Also has an address book, calendar, and clock. The price may be high, but it's a great buy.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Best device on the planet
Review: It's been over two months since my iPod has come in. Not since I got my first Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1987 had I had so much fun with an electronic device.

This is simply the best audio device on the planet, the ability to have thousands of songs in your pocket is unbelievable. Other MP3 players that claims to be pocket sized are probably referring to cargo pants or something, my iPod has been able to fit inside every pocket in my wardrobe. Compared to any other device on the market right now the iPod stands alone in design, capability and ease of use.

The main asset of this device is freedom; I can alternate from over 200 albums, listening to Aphex twins one moment, Garbage the next, Stereolab, Portishead, the Cure, 2001 soundtrack or I can listen to customized playlists from iTunes, I have a playlist for every mood and occasion.

Sound quality is great with the included earphones, the new carrying case and remote rounds out the package nicely and adds alot of value to the device. It has amazing compatibility with Apple iTunes and navigating the iPod is intuitive, I let my girlfriend's teenage sister use it and she had a song playing in ten seconds with no instruction on how to use it.

The design is quite attractive, it draws a lot of attention, and people who have little interest in music just like to hold it and look at it.

The price, while high, is worth every penny. How much would you pay for a 100 CD changer? How much would you pay for a 10 GB harddrive that fits in your pocket? How much more for some PDA functionality and upgradable firmware. That's how I rationalize the purchase price of this device and have no regrets.

Bottom line: If you love music and love to take all of it with you, then this device should be on the top of your list. If you have a mac then this should be your only choice really.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Almost Perfect
Review: Pros: extremely stylish (much prettier in person), highly portable, excellent sound, unmatched ergonomics, doubles as an external hard disk, fast sync, packed with features (equalizer, sound check, remote control, carrying case, basic PIM), superb integration with Mac OS X, long battery life

Cons: skimpy manual, shiny case and remote attract finger prints and scratches, requires Mac to customize most features (equalizer, play list, contacts, calendar, etc.), higher priced than most competitors, ear buds can be better (both sound and form factor wise), no recording capability, no AM/FM tuner

Almost a year ago, Apple has set out to build a perfect MP3 player. Already a 3rd generation product, the 10 GB iPod for Macintosh is a matured product with very little to fault. It now comes with remote control, improved ear buds (but still a bit large), built-in FireWire cover, and a carrying case. In addition, the iPod underwent subtle UI changes to smooth out rough edges, is now 10% thinner, and cheaper.

The only controversial new feature is optical scroll wheel (as oppose to mechanical wheel). The optical scroll wheel has no moving parts, and is thus more reliable. On the other hand, the optical scroll wheel provides only a "virtual feedback" ("clicking" audio sound).

Although setting up iPod for Macintosh is almost idiot-proof, the included manual leaves out many important facts.

1. To mount iPod as a hard disk (which is necessary to import contacts and calendar), open iTunes and click on the iPod icon to open iPod Preferences dialog, and check 'Enable FireWire disk use' option.

2. When plugging the remote control in, push the connector in HARD until you hear a click. The remote control will not function otherwise.

3. iSync, which you must download separately, eases contacts and calendar synchronization; iCal (separate download) will let you set alarms and add calendar events. Both iCal and iSync require Mac OS X 10.2 ("Jaguar").

4. To play the Breakout game, you must press the Select button to begin.

5. There is no off button. It will automatically go to "sleep" after a period of inactivity or you can force it to sleep by holding down the PLAY/PAUSE button for several seconds. To maximize the battery life, you should charge iPod a couple of times a week.

6. Holding the MENU button for few seconds activates the backlighting.

Buy one and enjoy!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: The BEST MP3 player
Review: Quite simply, the best MP3 player out there. By now, I'm sure you know the basic stats, so I won't bore with those. The truly amazing thing about the iPod is its elegance. Sure, other MP3 players cost less (...), and some even offer more storage space and features like an FM radio (only real omission in the iPod). But how do they work? The iPod is the smallest by far (I keep it clipped to my belt all day, and never really even notice!). Try jogging with [another brand], and then with the iPod; you'll appreciate what I'm saying. The iPod is easily used with one hand while driving, without even looking at it (thank you wheel). The battery life is awesome (4-5 days between charges), and is MUCH better than most of the jukeboxes. It is just sweet synchronizing at warp speed via Firewire with my Mac (or your PC if you buy a [$$] firewire card). Don't forget, it will also store all your contacts, so you can get by without your Palm everywhere you go. Just a very slick device, fun to use!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Out-F-----g-standing!
Review: Some time before I bought this little gem, I was looking at all the other MP3 players out there, but I always found a flaw(s) that turned me off that particular unit.

Then, like a sign from above, this appeared. As you could guess, it was everything I was looking for in an MP3 player, with a few extras that I'll probably never use (but it's nice to have them, though!).

To sum up this review: Out-F-----g-standing job Apple! I can't wait to see what's next!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Truly portable music collection!
Review: The iPod gives you a truly portable music collection. It's very small, about the size of a deck of cards, and fits easily in pockets -- even your shirt's breast pocket. Depending on the model it can store anywhere from 1000 songs (5GB) to 4000 songs (20GB). The dial/button interface is wonderful. It lets you quickly and easily access the music you're in the mood for. It can shuffle by song or by album -- a feature I've looked for in CD jukeboxes for years. It uses information from your computer about a song's relative loudness to ensure that all of your songs from different albums play at a consistent volume.

In addition to playing music it can synchronize itself with your address book and calendar. It also includes a version of the Breakout video game.

And, I've dropped mine a few times from a height of 2 to 4 feet onto a variety of surfaces from carpeting to concrete and it still plays and looks fine.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Apple Rules!
Review: The iPod, is, hands down, the coolest gadget I have ever owned. I just received it as a Christmas gift a couple of days ago, so I haven't had long term experience with it. But I haven't put it down since it charged (a simple process that took about 3 hours). Battery life seems very good. Fire Wire downloading is blazingly fast... when they say 15 seconds per CD, they don't lie (I timed it).

Only a couple complaints:

1. Thus far, I have not found a way to rip CD's directly to the iPod. You must first save them to iTunes, build a playlist, and then place it on the iPod. This is simple, but creates files on your computer that you must delete if you don't want to take up hard drive space.

2. Included earbuds sound pretty good, but are somewhat uncomfortable.

3. The shiny case picks up fingerprints easily. These clean off very easily, but it somewhat mars the appearance of this beautiful little device.

4. You can't play songs through the iPod itself while it's plugged in to the computer (in fact, you can't use any of the iPod's buttons). You can, however, play the songs on the iPod through iTunes.

Other than these minor things, the iPod is 100% fantastic. It is far superior to other jukeboxes I have seen. While pricey, it is worth the cost.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: product is great but...
Review: the price isnt. where is the incentive to buy here?

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Factor in the cost of new headphones
Review: This is by far the best portable audio device I have ever owned. Although the price is a little steep, the ability to have 2000 CD quality songs in a device the size of a pack of cigarettes is well worth it. In addition to the amount of music you can store, if you wish to, you can set the device up as a portable Firewire hard-drive as well. You can use any leftover space from your music collection to store anything you want. I have found that the ideal accessory for this product is a car kit with a 12volt adapter and an FM transmitter to play your music through your car's stereo. You'll wonder why you ever payed extra for a CD deck in your car, and the iPod battery will always be 100% charged when you get to where you are going.

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