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Optoma Technology EZ-Pro 737 DLP Video Projector

Optoma Technology EZ-Pro 737 DLP Video Projector

List Price: $2,495.00
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Rating: 5 stars
Review: I just bought this thing from Amazon and all I can say

is WOW!!!!

This is probably the best purchase I have ever made.

This thing is everything I ever expected and more!! It's

very easy to use as well!

I have bought other brands before, and this one just

blows everything else out of the water! I have to say,

everyone out there who is thinking of buying this, stop

thinking. I bought it and I am extremely happy with it

the moment I powered this thing on. YOU ABSOLUTELY



Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Best kept secret
Review: On a "tight" budget for your home theater needs? That was me. I decided not to go above $1,500 between audio and video... well, that is a bit unrealistic if you also count cables and setup, but the Optoma EzPro 737 will get you one step closer to your goal. Here's why.

It is by far the best bang for your buck, among the sub-$2,000 projectors. It boasts DLP technology for a crisp picture, with a very decent 1800:1 contrast ratio and 1,5000 ANSI lumens which -along with the native XGA 1,024x768 resolution- make it a great solution for your projection home theater needs. If you are not extremely critical, you will even find that it performs very well even if the room where you project is bright (during the day), but I'd recommend making sure you have proper blinds or projection at night for best results.

Ah! Did I mention that it supports HDTV? That's what the XGA resolution is all about!

Now, on to the hidden costs. Since you will be mounting on the ceiling (most likely), unless you are extremely handy, count on some $400-$700 in installation costs, which may only include labor for running cables to your receiver/box plus the actual upside-down-mounting to have it hang upside down, etc. As for your cables, depending on how far you need to run them, they may cost anywhere from $50 to $150 bucks (tip: get the 50 ft M1-A to RCA -component- extension cable from Dell for under $50!)

All in all, this projector is the best thing I've found out there to meet all my video home theater needs: quality image and support for HDTV, plus it won't cost you an arm and a leg (compared to almost everything else out there these days). Just jump into it knowing that you will have to spend some $600 or more to get it set up for good.

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