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Audiovox 8910 Flasher V7 Silver Phone (Virgin Mobile)

Audiovox 8910 Flasher V7 Silver Phone (Virgin Mobile)

List Price: $169.99
Your Price: $169.99
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Rating: 4 stars
Summary: A Camera Phone for the contract free!
Review: For everyone on the "pay as you go plan" who was waiting for a camera phone, you won't be disappointed in the V7 Flasher.

The phone's camera is definitely first rate and very user-friendly. Once you turn on the phone, press the button on the side of the phone to turn the camera on, and press it again to take the photo- it's really that simple. The phone's screen shows exactly the image you're shooting, so you can't screw it up! The picture quality is very good especially for a camera phone and the added flash is helpful in low-light situations . You can store up to 100 pictures in the phone's memory.

Favorite Features:

Full Color Screen with an EASY to navigate menu system. It's simple from here to program your phone numbers and voice dialing, to choose a ringtone or wallpaper and access all of the fun MTV and Comedy Central content that is available through the VirginXL features.

Downloadable Games, they're a bit pricey (most are $4.99) but they're great games that I play all the time on the internet and now I have access to them whenever I want on my phone. (I'm obsessed with "Bejeweled"!)

Superphonic Ringtones which allow you to use ACTUAL songs and audio clips, not the digitized versions that most phones use.

I highly recommend this phone to anyone who wants both a great phone with fun and useful features and a camera that takes good quality pictures, all without the hassle of a contract. The V7 Flasher is definitely worth your money!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: I love this phone
Review: I just got this phone & I LOVE it, even more than my old Virgin Mobile flip phone. It has a lovely color screen, takes great pictures, and lets you use ringtones that sound like real music (plus, Virgin Mobile has a rather large catalog of songs to choose from, so this is a great feature, though very startling at first--my other phone has a traditional ring). It comes with far more features than I expected, which is nice, but really what I love most is being able to take pictures. It's a lot easier to take my cell phone with me than my digital camera and it's very easy now to share pictures.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Top Of The Line From Virgin Mobile
Review: This camera phone is amazing! All the features you could ever want, camera, color screen, superphonic ringtones all in a nice small package. This is the phone to get if you are into Virgin Mobile's Pay As You Go pricing. It is top of the line!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: the greatest phone ever!!!
Review: This phone is the greatest yet from virgin mobile. The blue cover is awsome so is the silver cover.the ringtones are loud in my busy commumnity and the pictures come out clear.You can download games,ringtones,and more I give this phone a big 5 stars if considering this phone get it.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: i love it
Review: This will be the 4th phone I will have had with Virgin Mobile. I love the service I receive with the company, and with my usage am paying comparable rates to a contracted service. But this review is on the phone. I am coming from the 8610 (which I have written a review on) to the 8910 or "Flasher V7". I thought I had found the perfect phone in the 8610...until I laid my eyes on the 8910 on the Virgin Mobile website. I purchased my 8910 at my local Target on Friday the 15th for $169.99 plus tax. The phones are almost identical with the exception of some additional features on the 8910. They are as listed below:

-Cosmetic differences, the most noticeable being the availibilty of a blue casing or silver casing. I have the blue, and it looks great.
-The 8910 has voice dial featues. I had never used this before, but have quickly grown to love this feature. I don't have to remember who is what number in speed dial.
-Voice memo. You can record up to 60 second memos for reply. you can also add a written name for your memo. This is great since I have a rather short memory span.
-Downloadable games/wallpapers/screensavers/ringtones. This phone uses a new, faster browser to allow for these items to be downloaded. There are several options in each category, all accesible from the phone. I downloaded the classic Atari game, Pitfall, from my phone. It was easy and quick. The games $3.99, but I would rather pay and have my choice of games. I have not downloaded any wallpapers or screensavers since you can use pictures taken with the phone. You can also download song clips for ring tones.
-My account. When checking you balance, this has a much more involved system, much like what you would see if checking your account online. I really like this new method.
-The camera. Probably the most popular reason people will be buying this phone is the camera. I have never used a camera phone before, but this one is so user friendly, I have not had to reference the owner's manual yet. You can access your pictures or to take a picture through the main menu. Or, the much easier way, a button on the side of the phone. Press it once, you go into camera mode. Pressing it again takes a picture. I am very impressed with the quality of the pictures this camera takes. They are better than my digital camera. Once you snap a picture, you can send it(email or to another Flasher V7 phone), upload it(to the "my pix" on the Virgin Mobile website) or save it to your phone. Doing one of the first two options will cost you 25 cents a pop, so I would be selective in which pictures you send or upload. I personally prefer uploading, there are more things you can do with them, including emailing them. There are 3 settings for the flash-off, this shot only or always on. I have only had to use the flash a few times, the natural lighting was enough. The screen on the phone also adjusts the darkness so you can see what you are taking a picture of more clearly. A few other options are "frames" that can go around the edge of the photo, and voice memos/captions. There are 3 sizes of pictures you can take, and a zoom available on two of them.

Overall, I feel this phone was worth every penny. If you are thinking about a camera phone, I would strongly suggest you check out the Flasher V7

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