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Audiovox 8910 Flasher V7 Blue Phone (Virgin Mobile)

Audiovox 8910 Flasher V7 Blue Phone (Virgin Mobile)

List Price: $169.99
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Rating: 5 stars
This phone is the BEST phone I have ever owned or seen I just got this today (12/1/04) and I LOVE it! Activating it was a snap and plus you get $10 in bonus talk time! I cannot say enough great things about this great phone. Here are my pros and cons-
Vibrant nice color screen really pretty
the camera is awesome! I love the 3 different resoulutions and zoom plus the cool shutter sounds those are nice.
The cosmetic look of the phone is cool I love the blue.
I've heard some people say the ringtones and speakerphone are not loud enough I disagree I think they are just right and I love the real music!
Virgin XL in general is so cool! I'm a teen and they sure know how to please the younger crowd!
And the flash is good too it's nice and bright.
And I also love how you can send picture messages with a voice message or text message.
The downloads are fast and easy.
And I also like how you can access the camera with the push of one button.

CONS- I only have one the battery life kind of sucks but it's not too bad.

If you are considering buying this phone you absolutely should! I hope this was helpful.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Flasher V7
Review: I got the Virgin mobile Flasher V7 (8910) on Christmas day, I was amazed at how the screen has such vibrant colors! I used to have the 8610 and i liked it, But i really love the Camera and the flash, The only thing i would say before you get one is to check if you get rececption in your area by going to www.Virginmobileusa.com or a Virgin mobile retailer. Here are my

Nice Screen
Nice Camera
Louder Ringtones than the 8610
1-touch Camera
Web browser, (Availbe late 2005,early 2006)

Expensive Ringtones,Wallpaper,Screensavers etc.
Battery life is kinda bad, but DONT CHARGE IT EVERY NIGHT! it will ruin any cell phone battery to the bone!

My Recemndations: When you want a new wallpaper you can get free one's by doing:
Take picture/save it/select pic./assign/wallpaper/thats all free!
Although it does cost .25 a pic. message, it can add up.

.25 for the first 10 mins of the day (-2.50) then its only .10 a min
Virgin mobile: .10x120 (2 hrs)= 12.00!
T-mobile: .30x120 (2 hrs)= 36.00 (THATS NUTS!)

So, overall i would rewcemend Virgin mobile for A cheap, no contract phone service, if you have any more qustions on Virgin mobile's Phones or Service you can IM me with AIM: DaNcEpArty2025 or E-mail me Mikefox@tds.net Thx!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Great Phone!
Review: I just got this phone yesterday, at Wal-Mart and it cost 142.46. I love it. I'm coming from the K7 Rave. The nice thing about Virgin Mobile is that you can keep your old Virgin Mobile number. All you have to do is switch phones over the internet or call Virgin, If I could change the phone, I would change the buttons' backlight from green to blue and I would make the back of the phone rounded instead of square-ish. But other than that, I'm pleased with it. The phone's picture quality is pretty good. Overall, it's a nice phone.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Awesome phone!!!!!!!!!!
Review: I love my Flasher V7!!!! A no fuss, no hassle phone with really cool functions. Finally a pre-paid camera phone for people who hate contracts!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: The best yet from virgin mobile!
Review: I must say I LOVE this phone. This is my second phone with virgin mobile (I had the K7 Rave before this , also a good phone as well). I was able to set up service the same day (free of charge!) and keep my old number for free as well. there's an internet browser , the real music ringtones , and the camera works pretty good too! i love the blue cover , but I do wish the backlight was blue ,but that's not that big of a deal. so if you're thinking of buying this phone-BUY IT! you won't regret it.

Rating: 3 stars
Summary: Very Good Phone, BUT....
Review: The extra features are really cool. Great camera and cool games...I'm not much of a gamer. Reception is anywhere from bad to great, mostly good, but i'm not complaining about the reception.

The problems I have with this phone is that the ringtone is so freaking LOW and the vibrator isn't that strong. You're gonna miss calls if u don't pay attention!!!! If the the ringtone was louder and the vibrator was stronger, this phone would be one of the best phones ever, but I guess VM didn't realized that? Don't u hate it when smart ppl act dumb??

Customer service is HORRIBLE!!! I'm willing to bet that most of VM's workers don't even use VM phones. That shows alot about a company!!! I talked to 4-5 workers and they don't seem to know what they're talking about.

I don't recommend this phone, however, for the most part, I love the phone and service. I don't talk much on the phone and only probably spend like a buck or two a week. My average phone call is less than a minute. Only using it for emergencies and for future job interviews. I use it more for goofing off with the camera and writing notes and reminders. VM don't make much money off ppl like me!! I plan to only spend the minimum of $20 bucks every 3 months and nothing more.

When I make more money, I don't think I would go with VM, definitely not an Audiovox phone. I mean, how can u trust a company that don't make stronger vibrators and louder ringtones??

VM would be the best thing out there if it weren't for the weak ringtones and vibrator.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: The Top Of The Line From Virgin Mobile
Review: This camera phone is amazing! All the features you could ever want, camera, color screen, superphonic ringtones all in a nice small package. This is the phone to get if you are into Virgin Mobile's Pay As You Go pricing. It is top of the line!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Great camera phone with lots of features
Review: This is a great choice for anyone looking for a camera phone and wanting to save money. Most other camera phones required me to get a 2-year contract in order to make them affordable, whereas this phone has NO contract with Virgin Mobile and is on a pay-as-you-go rate. The phone itself has great features including a very good quality camera phone with decent picture storage, easy to navigate buttons, cool interface, ability to download ringtones/games and more. It's also a very sleek phone! In the past few weeks since I switched from my old phone, I've had numerous people coveting my flasher!

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Great Phone,extras are a bit pricey
Review: This phone is absolutley perfect for people who dispise contracts and monthly cell phone bills.Just got it on Christmas day and it already exceeds my expectations.Some people may think the price is a bit steep,but when you get it,you'll find out that it's way worth the cost.
The camera is a great addition.The photos come out clear and i love the flash of the camera.It even makes a cool shutter sound.The ringtones are nice and loud and very clear to hear.

The only thing that I don't like is the prices of the ringtones,screensavers,wallpapers and games.A bit pricey for the person who has to have the newest ringtone available but if you can get over this than this phone is great.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Awesome phone...!
Review: When I found out Virgin Mobile was coming out with a camera phone all I could say was "hell yea!". Finally a camera phone on a pre-paid services plan. The v7 Flasher is great, not only for the camera, but for all the extra features I wasn't really expected. Superphonic ring tones, Wap brower, great battery life, great reception, and it's even smaller then I`d first though (the exact same size and weight as my v5 slider).

The camera again is my main reason for wanting this phone and after testing it out under many different conditions it doesn't disappoint. The quality wonderful for a camera phone, and the process of sending pictures to your friends is a snap. You can send pictures either to another camera phone, to your virgin mobile online account, or directly to an e-mail address (doesn`t work with gmail, I`ve tried). One thing that pleasantly surprised me was that you can even take pictures while the phone is flipped closed and the small external screen acts as a viewfinder.

My only gripe with this phone would be the overall look. There are so many sweet looking camera/flip phones out right now that this one just doesn't compare. I'm differently not complaining cause I love what this phone does and how well it does it, but if there were something I could change the look would be it.

All n' all this phone is a must have for anyone looking to upgrade to the camera phone generation and not have to sign a contract.

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