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Audiovox CDM8910 Phone (Verizon Wireless)

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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Great phone
Review: I have done a lot of review checking on other phone manufacturers and this one had the best ratings with alot of nice features. I wanted to upgrade from my Nokia 3390 mainly because I was always hitting the keypad and dialing out. Otherwise it was a great phone with excellant service and reception. I hope this Audiovox won't let me down. The screen its great and easy to view along with the ease of accessing the menu. They list it as not having voice dialing, but it does. I had found this out from a friend before ordering it. The quality of the camera is not the best, but typical for a camera phone. The location of the camera button on the side is the only real complaint I have about the phone. It is too easily hit while talking on the phone. The reception is great and I'm hoping the service is too. I liked T-Mobile and hated to switch. If you're looking for a nice flip phone, this is it!

Rating: 3 stars
Summary: Hope you don't need an address book
Review: I like this phone, but there is one thing you must know before you buy it...the data cable and software that you can buy for it do NOT allow you to synch your address book with the phone's address book. This means that you have to manually enter all your phone book entries, or find another workaround. I discovered this after it was too late, and hopefully they'll update the software so that it's compatible with this phone, but currently you just get a nice clean installation (from the Audiovox proprietary software) and then it tells you that it sees your Audiovox CDM 8910, but it is not compatible with it.

Otherwise, this phone is great, it's e-911 ready, and has GPS built in so you can be tracked if you ever call 911 and they need to locate you. Just be aware that currently there is no phone book software for this model.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Great phone, easy to use.
Review: I love the phone. The main display is big and colorful, and the external display shows more info than I would have thought. The camera's low quality, but that's standard for a phone. My only gripe is the external camera button. It's a "feature", but it's too easy to hit it accidentally.

Rating: 2 stars
Summary: Disappointing
Review: Pros: (1) First tri-mode phone that would work inside my house. Don't know if that's due to upgrades in Verizon's network since the last time I tried to switch to a tri-mode or if it's that this phone has more range. I tried many tri-mode phones that didn't work and had to keep going back to my trusty Audiovox 4000 dual-mode phone for its better range.

(2) Good display for older eyes, except very difficult to see in a quick glance who the caller is when a call comes in on call waiting while you are talking to someone else. With my old phone, I could see the incoming caller's number in a split second and get the phone back up to my ear so I didn't miss much of the conversation I was in. On this one, the number of the person you are talking to is clear but it's hard for the eye to find and read the number of the person on call waiting, especially in high ambient light.

Cons: (1) Short battery life. Short car cord. Once the battery is dead, I try to keep talking by plugging in the car cord and hunching over close to the cigarrette lighter so the short springy cord doesn't pull the plug out, but after a minute or so, the phone shuts down even with power from the cigarette lighter if the battery is dead. Maybe my charger or battery is defective.

(2) Camera -- no way to get pictures out except by sending them to yourself over the internet, which costs money. But that's okay, because the picture quality is poor so why would you want them? No way to lock buttons, so you are constantly taking pictures of the inside of your pockets and especially of your shoulder as you answer calls and accidentally hit the shutter button.

All-in-all, a step down from my trusty, clunky old Audiovox 4000 which I used for years. I would still be using the 4000, except Verizon insists they will charge me $150/month for 2000 minutes with the 4000, plus charge for long distance, whereas with a tri-mode it's $99 and free long distance. Waaaa!

So now it's off to the Verizon store to return this phone and try another.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Great!
Review: This phone is so awesome! I love it its just like the Flasher V7, (it actually is the flasher v7) my fried has that phone but n e way this one is so cool!it has a great flash and color screen! The ringtones that came with it suck but i downloaded real music tones from verizon and they sound so good. I am updating from a sanyon scp 8100 and this is so much better. No broken hinges, that fone was ugly, and hard to open, and the downloaded ringtones( real music) sounded like crap. But i have nothing bad to say about this phone. it has such a crisp color screen!

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: AudioVox CMD8910
Review: This phone was a pain at first. From the start it was hard to determine what functions the phone offered and how to enable them. Soon I had to open the manual to locate and enable the many useful functions that this phone had hidden. However, next I had trouble with the sound and the speaker. It seemed like the phone is not capable of reaching the volumes I need; yet I am often in a loud setting. The biggest turn on about this phone is that it is very tough, mine has been left outside in the snow twice (once for three days), forgotten in the rain, and been chewed by my dog. Yet it still works with full function of every capability it had from the start.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: AWESOME!!
Review: This phone works very well. It's top of he line and gets signal everywhere, the dual displays are awesome.

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