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Sony Ericsson T616 Phone (Cingular)

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Rating: 3 stars
I tried buying this phone from amazon.com with amazon.com as the seller. I finished the checkout process and then in 5 mins, I got an email from amazon.com saying, "Your order has been cancelled because cingular needed some additional information, which we cannot provide." A ridiculous reason, to put it mildly. Couldn't they have asked me for that information? I later tried for a customer service phone #, but couldn't find one. All I found was an email address and I emailed them and got a reply (after 2 days) saying that they cannot do anything!!!

Later I bought another Cingular phone at Letstalk.com and during the checkout process, they asked me a lot of questions ("additional information" according to Amazon.com) and I got the phone without any hassles. I even ported my old phone number.

Such a ridiculous service could be expected of Amazon.com only. I don't understand why they sell cellphones when they don't know how to do it!!!

If anyone wants to contact me, send me an email at rphanikanth@yahoo.com

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Phone is great... Cingular is NOT!
Review: First of all... I am a current Cingular customer. If you never have to call them up, you will be fine. They have messed up my automatic bill pay numerous times. Each month, after it is fixed and they assure me that next month will work, I have to go through the process again. The thing that really got me was when I needed to modify my plan to give myself more airtime, I needed to renew my contract. When I signed up, my contract stated that I could change my plan at any time with no obligations. Cingular's response was that in the lengthy contract, there was fine print that allowed them to CHANGE THE CONTRACT AT ANY TIME WITHOUT NOTICE TO THE CUSTOMER!!!! All I have to say to that is wow. I will never get cingular again after my contract runs out.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: this phone sucks
Review: i hate this phone. i hardly ever had service when i used it. sometimes the buttons wouldnt work so i had to take out the battery and put it back in to get the phone working again. and sometimes it would just go into cingular extened.

Rating: 3 stars
Summary: i want this phone
Review: iam IMPRESSED IN IT anfd i want this phone
i pay in cash

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Cingular is deceptive!
Review: My review is on Cingular. I bought a phone w/service and was told I could return for full refund and only charged for any air time used. THEY LIE. THE PHONE DID NOT WORK IN MY AREA AND I CANCELLED THE NEXT DAY. THEY ARE CHARGING ME FOR ACTIVATION even though it never worked in my area. If you are uncertain you will keep the phone and service, DON'T BUY from Cingular. Amazon will also do nothing to reimburse.

Rating: 2 stars
Summary: Bad Combination
Review: Pos's: Sleek Phone. Phone store is good. Good Ringer.

Neg's: Poor reception. Poor volume. Worst camera. Don't consider this as a camera.. Horrible game.

Rating: 3 stars
Summary: pretty little phone
Review: Pros - vibrant colors, small and compact, variety of ringtones, camera, pretty easy to use, pretty little phone

Cons - only a few games, screen got smudgy easily, camera (because it was crappy quality, but still fun), doing anything requires using the joystick twenty thousand times, small keys (which didn't bug me because I have small fingers, but some may)

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: T-616 sucks
Review: The phone sucks big time!!! I don't know why they have the camera in it, at first place.. The camera is useless.. AT&T also sucks.. I had to leave the county and wanted to unlock my phone.. They don't do that for you.. Whereas T-Mobile unlocks the phone for you after you are with them for about 3 months.. Cingular & AT&T both suck big time..

Rating: 3 stars
Summary: What are Great Features and Battery Life without the Signal?
Review: The title says it all.
* Great package: Features, size, functionality
* Great battery life: Go 2-3 days on a charge, 500+ of talk time is easy
* Poor signal: I think the internal antenna, small size and miserly use of power makes it hard to get a signal. I get drop outs all the time.
If you do not mind the signal issues, this is a great and now VERY cheap phone.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Nifty little phone
Review: This is quite a cute little phone. It's got some negatives, but overall it's a pretty solid piece of work.

-Small, cute, compact, stylish
-Joystick is superior to arrow keys
-Wide variety of features
-Large screen
-Pretty simple interface
-Usually good calls

-It has to be cleaned constantly
-Pictures aren't too sharp on the phone itself (but if you send them to a computer, they're pretty good)
-Pictures take a long time to snap, and it can sometimes create a blur-effect even when something isn't moving
-Sometimes the SIM chip will dislodge and you will have to remove the back to get it started up again (after you drop it, it happens, although once or twice it was just sitting there and it occured)

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