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Sony Ericsson T237 Phone (Cingular)

Sony Ericsson T237 Phone (Cingular)

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  • Small and nimble with a super-bright 4K-color display.
  • Intuitive screen menus make using the T237 just as easy as you want it to be.
  • It has multimedia messaging, e-mail, real music polyphonic ringtones and the possibility to download games from the Web to your phone.
  • A 5-way navigation key, clear color screen and intuitive menus complete a superior mobile experience
  • Includes phone and travel charger.


Compatible with Cingular cell phone service, the Sony-Ericsson T637 features superior gaming controls, Bluetooth wireless data transfer, a digital camera, and more, all displayed on a bright, 65,536 color, 128 x 160 pixel TFT screen.

Calling Features
Key calling features include voice dialing, picture phonebook, contacts, call list, vibrate mode, ringer profiles, and more.

Messaging and Internet
Using the WAP Internet browser, you can take advantage of EMS and MMS to send, receive and edit pictures, text and other graphic messages on your phone or a compatible PC. You can also check e-mail, sports scores, local weather, and more, using high speed GPRS data services. You only pay for data sent, not total airtime, so costs can stay low.

Organizer features include a calendar, calculator, and an alarm clock.

Camera, Fun, and Games
For your picture-taking pleasure, the T637's digital still camera features CIF resolution (288 x 352 pixels), and 2 MB of shared memory to store your pictures (up to 60 large pictures will fit total). You can send pictures to friends, or save them as picture ID thumbnails in your 500-entry phonebook.

The T637's five-way "rocker" joystick gives a real gaming feel to its controls. The phone comes with a variety of games, and since it sports both Java and Mophun gaming platform compatibility, there are tons of compatible games available on the Web for download as well. There's also a very cool-seeming, built-in 4-track polyphonic ring tone composer. You can even record your own voice and use it as a ring signal.

Vital Statistics
The T637 weighs 3.35 oz. and measures 4.02 x 1.73 x 0.75 inches. It runs on tri-band GSM 800/1800/1900 service for worldwide range and clarity.

In the Box
Sony Ericsson T637 Phone, 770mAh Lithium Polymer battery, standard charger, headset

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