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Sony Ericsson T68is Phone - Next Generation (AT&T)

Sony Ericsson T68is Phone - Next Generation (AT&T)

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Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Sony Crapicsson t68i
Review: I am going to bite the bullet and admit to being a multi-carrier wireless dealer. *ducks from punches* This phone has to be the WORST of the WORST that I have come across. I have hundreds of clients who when this phone first came out, wanted nothing else. Luckily they quickly learned how badly this phone operates and I was able to work something else better for them.

Blue tooth- excellent
Battery Life- can't beat it
features- Good, but getting out dated
Reception- My foot would have better quality reception.

I myself decided to use the phone for a while to really inspect the problems, but after the side volume button fell off, the zero button stopped working, screen after screen would keep freezing and the fact of being a 22 year old male, I began to get gray hair while waiting for the menus to scroll through, I decided to put it in its place. My hammer was more use to me than this phone.

Save yourself the time of even researching this product and give it up. Amazon has some great deals on Samsung phones which are absolutely amazing products! They are even looking like tough competition to me! I started using and now won't give it up!

Anymore questions about phones, I could give some pretty money (and headache) saving tips! NKJazzman@hotmail.com

Rating: 2 stars
Summary: Small but you'll sacrifice
Review: I wanted a really small phone and this seemed like a good one. It fits in your pocket very nicely but I have had more problems than its worth. It continually drops calls when I am lucky enough to get service. It loses coverage when I go under an overpass. Its very slow on internet connection. The one thing its unbeatable on is its battery life. Wow! Its best features are its size and battery life. The menu is aggravating when trying to see your missed calls. If you have missed a call from the caller in the past it goes back and counts how many times you've missed a call from that person......who cares. I want to know when they called and you can't tell unless its their first call.

Overall, if you want size and battery life, this is your phone if you can manage other aggravations of service. Stay away from Att.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: A Complete Retard
Review: This phone is horrible, horrible, horrible!!

I got mine from t-mobile, but AT&T also sells the same phone. I admit that it has great features, like voice activated dialing, 3-band operation, voice recording, wap, bluetooth etc.

But, using this phone is like running Windows XP on a 386 processor. (They had those processors in early 90's) It has a very long response time. Press a button, sip your coffee, and check if the screen has been updated.. I'm not kidding!!

Worse than that, the it cannot acquire signal very easily. (Probably because of the ceramic antenna) These days, i'm getting "no access" error messages and my calls are constantly being dropped even if the phone can acquire the signal. This happened to me before, and they replaced the phone since it was under warranty, but now I cannot even get a second one. I'll go back to my good ole Nokia using habits.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: My T68i Phone
Review: This phone works really great for me except when i don't have a signal. T-Mobile is really sucks! though they've the best service plan in the nation but not the coverage. i can't even have a signal inside the house :-( Verizon is great but they always overcharged the customer every single billing statement. cingular is pretty good except their customer service.

Rating: 5 stars
Review: This is the most convenient and most functional international mobile I have ever used! I bought mine in New Delhi, India and when I got to Arizona I migrated my GSM card to ATT - since then I have used the phone in Singapore, China, Indonesia, Japan, Dubai, the UK - it works EVERYWHERE! The color screen is bright and clear, SMS functionalisty is great, the battery life is fantastic after 18 months on the original battery, bluetooth works great - it's the best mobile device I have ever had! Highly recommended.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: LOADED but rather slow......
Review: PHONE :4 Start
SERVICE: AT&T 0 Stars The worse....

When I used the phone in Europe the Singal Strength and Voice Quality were EXCEPTIONAL!
The menu is not worse then Nokia's menu but lack the INSTANT Response of it. I just remember the shortcuts so it works great for me. The features are exceptional for a 2-years-old model. I will gladly get a the NEXT version Ericsson which in addition to current features will adds 65K display, polyphonic sounds and camera, (maybe also 802.11b/g). When I dropped my older T68 summer '03 in a pool, I still got the same phone (T68i version) cause I loved all the gizmos.

The almost non existant SERVICE is only due to AT&T's poor network. AT&T, unlike T-mobile, does NOT unlock their GSMs when asked(Unlocking is ~$10 service over-the-net or in Chinatowns). Cingular are in for hard times. The phone is great once you get used to the somewhat retarded response... usually takes 1-2 sec for the menu to work after the buttons are pressed. I think the phone run from software and it in not hardwired inside a chip.. ie probably reads flash memory instead of hardwired chip.

I am planning to switch to T-mobile after I get the "Free T226"
with NO PLAN EXTENSION for suffering with ATT & Ericsson for about 2 years. Few Caveats: the T226 is a major DOWN-GRADE in feature: No Bluetooth&IR, no 900/1800MHz GSM, no Voicedailing, no Organizer >>>
Nevertheless T-mobile does not offer GPRS!

Rating: 2 stars
Summary: Lots of features, if only you can make a call
Review: I have T68i from T-Mobile. The phone has great features. Among the best for me is its bluetooth capability. I can connect to the internet with my laptop or my pocketpc wirelesly using this phone as a modem. Ability to syncronize the contacts in my outlook address book with the phone saved me a lot of time. However, my phone died on me after 15 months. It can not find a network or it can not connect even when it recieves signal. A search in google revealed that many people have the same problem and that the phone is faulty.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Don't blame the T68i for AT&T's problems....
Review: ... I've used this phone with TMobile, and loved it. So I got one with AT&T and was horrified at the quality of coverage. I was told that 'in a year, our coverage should double', but found it to have no greater improvement thusfar. After just returning from three weeks in Europe, as well as ten days prior in Mexico, I remembered why I loved this phone. It connected everywhere, places where my fiancÚs analogue phone wouldn't even get a signal. The call quality was excellent under these other networks, and, especially in Europe, the GPRS features were hugely helpful. It is a pity the major networks can't standardize on one network-type; in the meantime, if you want cutting edge tech, you are likely to be stuck with poor coverage, if you want coverage, choose Verizon.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: The T68i is a terrible phone
Review: I remember when this phone came out. I had to have it. I thought it was the coolest looking phone I had ever seen. After payeing somewhere around $400.00 to get it, I quickly learned of it's poor qualities. First off, the volume control fell off. Read the other reviews, it is a known flaw that is bound to happen. Secondly, the phone is SLOW! When you turn it on it takes about 3 or 4 minutes before you can use it. Storage for pictures is really low and the image quality is crap. The wireless bluetooth works great but I can get that from other phones. The size is nice. I read here that someone sync it up with thier computer so they can use it as a modem??? WOW they are good I have been trying to do that for the past 3 years. I hear they K700 is comming out and it looks like a good phone to replace the T68i. But then I have to remember when the T68i came out and think to myself, "do I really want another headache?"

Rating: 2 stars
Summary: The worst phone I've ever had
Review: One advise - Don't buy it! This is the 3rd time I had to take advantage of the warranty and it takes forever to receive it from Sony. Problems: The volume button on the side fell, the reception is just awful and it's really slow. This happened with all the replacements I got.

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