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Audiovox FR15382CH 2-Way Radios with NOAA Weather Alert (Pair)

Audiovox FR15382CH 2-Way Radios with NOAA Weather Alert (Pair)

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Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Better off with the Motorola 5200
Review: One of these units was doa, and the menu system was incomprehensible. We ended up getting the Motorola 5200 and although the earpiece that came with the units is a waste we are very pleased with the price/performance/ease of the 5200s. Don't waste time with the audiovox. ...

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Good choice for climbers (but not only)
Review: These radios have everything I need:
- voice activation (first word needs to be loud)
- NOAA Weather
- compact size
I use them when rock climbing so I don't have to shout to my partner (especially useful in Gunks on crowded days).

So if you are not emotionally attached to Motorolas and features/price ratio is important to you, I recommend these radios. I give them 4 stars just because I've never used other radios so I've got nothing to compare them to. For my use they are 5 star radios.

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