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Sumdex Traveler Organizer-PDA Case - Black

Sumdex Traveler Organizer-PDA Case - Black

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Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Everything a PDA user could ask for-- almost
Review: Ever since changing from a paper planner to a PDA, I'd been scouring the web for a cool case to carry it in. I found one I liked pretty well, it had room for credit cards and my palm but not really anyplace to store cash. Okay, if you wadded the bills up carefully they could go in this one pocket, but because they were folded a couple of times this quickly got bulky and besides, there was still no where to put my change. So I'd wind up carrying my pda case inside a purse, so I could still have access to my wallet and checkbook. There went the convenience of having such a small and smart planner-- with the purse I was carrying around something bigger and bulkier than my old paper planner!

I was very excited when I finally came across this item at Amazon. It's got room for almost everything, plenty of pockets to put things in, lots of credit card slots and a nice, big zippered compartment behind the checkbook holder that was perfect for un-folded bills and even spare change! It's all in a sturdy backpack-like material and closes smartly with a zipper. What more could a girl ask for?

Just one thing. It needs to have some sort of a pocket on the outside for my cell phone, and then it will truely have everything on my wish list. For now, I am clipping my phone to the outside flat pocket, but I'd like something that protects the face of my phone better, and it makes me nervous to rely soley on the clip for the safety of my phone.

Still, it was an excellent choice and one I would make again, I still haven't seen anything I like better. With the exception of the cell phone issue, it really is a smart, stylish all-in-one organizer for all your stuff in one place, and it keeps everything beautifully organized.

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