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Creative Labs 64 MB NOMAD II C MP3 Player

Creative Labs 64 MB NOMAD II C MP3 Player

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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Terrific Player-Great Quality
Review: I received this player Christmas 2002 and was skeptical before opening it, as I had been previously searching for an mp3 player and had one in mind. Finally, after much thought, I decided to open the package and use the player. It was incredibly easy to use the player, considering I had no prior training. I could store a decent amount of music in the player(about 20-25 songs, depending on length), but still decided to buy a 128mb Smartmedia card(Good Investment). The memory card then allowed me to store approximately 45-50 songs. The player was also incredibly durable, considering i carried it in my pocket most of the time, and it survived a few light drops.
Now, if you are observant, you've probably noticed i've written this in past tense. The player was stolen from me by my brother's friend right off my kitchen table! I, as anyone would be, was very angry, and to add insult to injury she moved the next week!
I would, however, highly recommend this player to anyone looking for a decently priced, highly upgradeable mp3/digital music player.

Rating: 3 stars
Summary: hit and miss product
Review: After further review I would have to give the Nomad II C a low grade. My son and I each purchased one and initially they were very good products. Unfortunately, the software was not reliable, and the product support less than helpful. We upgraded our system using microsoft XP, which is not compatible with the NOMAD II C,,so in order to download new music, we have to rely on another computer system that uses windows 2000 or 98. The size, weight,and sound is good, but it does have its limitations due to the software issues.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Strong Product - Good for all Uses
Review: At the time of this writing, I've used the Nomad IIc for about three weeks on a daily basis.

For the price you will pay, this is an excellent product.

Installing the battery is a snap, and listening to the installed music is very easy. Software installation was a breeze in WinXP, and I had no problems ripping CDs into either WMA or MP3, although I recommend MP3. Downloading songs is a snap and relatively fast. The queing capability of the software makes point and click very easy as you select your songs for download, and then manipulating the order in the player is very easy from the software. The backlit LCD is easy to read and the controls are very easy to use, even while working out.

The only reason why I did not rate this product for five stars is the volume needs to have just a little more output. Both my wife and I use it and have noticed that maximum volume on a treadmill leaves just a little bit to be desired. However, it still works flawlessly!

I would strongly recommend this product over many other for the same, or even higher price. If you are looking for a great prodcut that works right out of the box without too much effort, your search is over.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Freezing
Review: Awful product
broke within 6 months
froze while playing music
cant be fixed

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Great unit...for the price.
Review: Before buying this unit I looked at newer, and much more expensive models...but this one has exaclty what I wanted out of an MP3 player...it plays MP3s (and WMAs). For anyone looking for a voice recorder, radio, storage device, kitchen sink...look elsewhere.

The only cheap part on the unit is the battery cover which will probably pop off eventually. At that point I'll just tape it on. It also doesn't have an arm strap...but I just clip it to my shorts anyway.

This unit can be upgraded to a total of 192 MB with the firmware update found online. The included headphones are pretty good...better than I had expected. I have a feeling that I'll have this thing for a long, long time.

For the price...you can't go wrong.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Best Value for the $
Review: For the price it's really hard to beat it. First thing I did was to go to the Creative site (Nomadworld.com) and I updated the firmware so that it would accept 128 meg smartcards... the whole process was a piece of cake. I can't really see how anyone can survive for long without expanding the base 64 meg memory. The PlayCenter software that comes with the Mp3 Player is fairly intuitive and makes transfering MP3 or WMA files from your computer to the player pretty easy.

Other reviewers have given the Nomad IIc demerits for a perceived lack of volume. I must admit that at the highest volume level it isn't like sitting in the front row of a rock concert. However, I find it more than loud enough to completely drown out the sound system playing at my local health club which is really all I want it to do. I found the sound quality of the headphones to be pretty decent, with good (but not great) bass response. Normally, for any low end CD/MP3 player, you end up chucking the headphones and upgrading to a better pair. Not necessary in this case unless you're a total audiophile with x-ray ears.

The one thing that kept me from giving the Nomad IIc a perfect score is the kludgy way the smartcard was integrated into the unit. Unless you have fingers of steel, you have to take the battery out of the unit first so that you can get enough of your fingers on the smartcard to get it out. Poor engineering.

Highly suggest using Windows Media Player beta 9. I've been creating WMA files at 96Kbps and you get around four files for the price of three Mp3 files at 128Kbps.... and they sound just as good!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Great player, Great Linux support
Review: Got the player, downloaded the linux driver at [website], found out i can put 30-35 songs on at 64kbps without buying an extra sm card and was incredibly surprised at the ease of use and awesome sound! Highly recommended.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Rating?
Review: Hi,

As long as I am not accessible to such products, how can I rate?
Is there anyway to order it here?

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Very Good
Review: I bought my Nomad IIc about 1 3/4 years ago and i still listen to it all the time. Its really great. It has been dropped many times by my friends and has some large scratches on it but it still plays and works perfect. Also if u want to put more songs on, just lower the quality level.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Great MP3 Player ! Built to last ! Buy it now.
Review: I bought this MP3 Player a year ago, I must say I waited awhile to review this, as we know how electronics are and I didn't want to rate this as soon as I bought it. Well the player is still working great, I must admit that the paint by the buttons are wearing away etc. and around the screen also but this is normal after months of use. Now the player has fallen many times out of my hand and at one incident bounced off the floor and it stills works! When you buy this make sure you pick up a memory card so you can put more songs on it. Also use re-chargble batteries, I find it eats batteries like a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

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