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D-Link DMP-120 64 MB USB MP3 Player with Voice Record

D-Link DMP-120 64 MB USB MP3 Player with Voice Record

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Rating: 1 stars
Summary: D-Link products lack quality
Review: Bugs with this unit. Not recommended for recording lectures. It loops your recording over and over, even though loop is not on. High static noise during mp3 playback. Not worth the hassle.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Nice 64MB MP3 Player at a nice price....
Review: I found the unit and software very easy to setup start using immediately. Everhing worked fine right out of the box and I've been using my player daily during my daily motorcycle commute. The only complaint I have with the unit is the lack of an external power jack. Since I've been playing the unit for over 10 hours so far on the original AAA batteries and it's still going, I'm not too concerned about battery life. There is some distortion when using MP3's recorded via Real Jukebox so I'll try using the bundled software to record my MP3's to see if it's any better.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Great for an Mp3 player
Review: I recieved this d-link for my birthday. Just like any other mp3 player it is going to have some bugs in it. Once or twice today I have had to take the batteries out of it because it wouldn't turn on. Don't bother using the batteries that it comes w/, they really suck. The sound is excellent, but the only flaw I found w/ the sound is that when the is silence in a song or the song is quiet there is a background hum, I am not very tollerent, but this sound didn't bother me at all. I bike, sk8, and run cross country and the belt clip works great. When I recieved it I didn't realize that it came w/ 64mb built in, so I got hyped about that. If your buying this mainly because it has a voice recorder, don't bother. It is very fuzzy and it picks up just about any movement that you do when your speaking into it. But it is a nice feature to have even though it isn't the best quality. The smart media expansion slot is a great feature because the cards are lots smaller than cds are, and if you get a 128mb card you can hold up to 135mins of music. It is a great product but it still has a few bugs, but it is worth owning.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Great little MP3 player for running!
Review: This player has been out for a while now ...and it has worked great. The sound quality is great and the features that come with this player is good. There are a few important features that comes with this player: lock for buttons (so you won't accidently push the buttons), external slot for SmartMedia card, rudimentary but effective equalizer, selective modes for different types of play options (single track repeat, all tracks repeat, etc..) and a sturdy belt clip which works when I run!

The only thing that I miss the most is a FM tuner. Also an optional arm band would be great for running. But for the price I got it at, I am not complaining. This little player is not flashy like the newer ones out there but it is truly worth getting if you want it for functionality and reliability.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: DMP-120 MP3 Player Review
Review: While the DMP-120 has an attractive pricetag, the unit itself
leaves a lot to be desired. The generous 64MB flash capacity
yields a lot of room for your favorite MP3 songs, but it suffers
from memory initialization problems resulting in loss of data.
Roughly 10 percent of the power-downs that were tested on two
separate units resulted in the unit locking up, requiring the
user to remove the batteries to "hard" reset the unit. While
this is not only inconvenient, data is lost or corrupted during
the hard reset most of the time, requiring the user to reformat
the flash and reload the memory. In addition to initialization
problems the unit exhibits what is most likely memory formatting
problems in the form of data loss or corruption. The symptoms of
this problem are that the first few hundred KB or so of every
song are either not present or cannot be interpreted by the
processor; in other words the first 1/2 second or so of every song
is not there and the song starts in what would appear to be
mid-stream. While this is not a major problem, it is perpetually
annoying and would be considered "unacceptable" by serious audio
enthusiast. In the defense of the poor engineering of the unit,
the customer service at D-Link was very helpful in replacing the
original unit (that was suspected to be faulty), but the supposedly
"tested" replacement unit exhibited the same faults.

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