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Creative Labs N64-0001 NOMAD II Digital Audio Player

Creative Labs N64-0001 NOMAD II Digital Audio Player

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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Great product...
Review: This is my first mp3 player and I must say it is worth every dollar I have spent on it. No more hassle with the cassette players' weakening of motors and static that is sometimes louder than the song itself... or the fragile nature of the compact disk players, which can't fit inside anywhere without the threat of being crushed.

What I enjoy most about the NOMAD II are its ultra compact size, no moving parts, and light weight. It fits anywhere...even in a front T-shirt pocket. You could walk through an earthquake or jump off a building and the songs won't skip. It probably weighs less than an average trifold, leather wallet.

The USB interface is a great feature...convenient and quick. Songs play crystal clean like a CD. I can't find anything terribly wrong with this player...it does the job;it plays music. But the recording feature...well, some may find it to come in handy, but to me it's really unnecessary. I mean how often did you sit there sometimes with your portable CD player and had a desire to record your memos on it? And the radio...it's a pretty nice feature, but its difficult to get a good reception sometimes.

Well, I'm not going to get all picky. Bottom line is I really enjoy this product and I have no regrets...maybe except the fact the NOMAD II MG is being released now. But that's okay...the MG may cost twice as much as the one I have now. At least I hope it does...just to make me feel better.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Believe the hype.
Review: I got this little device over the holidays, and I've been very pleased. I bought it primarily for running, and I could hardly wait to get out on the road when it arrived.

I'd read a bunch of reviews for this little device before I decided to take the plunge - some of the reviewers slammed drawbacks like only supporting 8.3 file names - a lot of problems like this have been addressed with firmware upgrades you can install when you dock the unit the first time. That's one of the nice things about getting a unit with upgradeable firmware.

This unit stands up to anything on the market: - Intuitive controls

- One of the best data screens available - A range of equalizer settings - Beefy volume - Well thought-out wired remote control (clutch for running) - A radio with very good reception - A lot of user-settings flexibility - sleep timer, backlight... - Quick download thru USB

The ability to play .wma files is really nice, because as far as I'm concerned, the .wma format whoops .mp3 in sound quality for most applications.

The docking software installed without a hitch, and MusicMatch's ripping software is hard to beat. Their cute little applet automatically opens up the docking software the moment you plug the unit into the USB Port.

The only real critique I have is that the docking software doesn't support playlists, and the selection tools for picking songs from your library are a little clunky.

All told - four out of five stars. Believe the hype. This is a nice little machine.

Rating: 3 stars
Summary: Good until it broke
Review: The unit broke a year after I bought it. I wouldn't buy another player from Creative Labs because it is too fragile. I only used the unit at the gym a few times a week. The first thing that broke was the wired remote, which I found to be very useful. The menu on the unit is easy enough to figure out, but rather slow to navigate. It takes several steps just to check the time. I liked the behind the head ear phones, they don't pinch my ears, but I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. The ear phone sound quality is just average. I'd have to say the quality of the product as a whole is just average.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: The Best MP3 player out there with a great price
Review: Like a lot of the People who reviewed this Product, I myself read all the reviews under Customer Reviews Section and came up with a decision to give this product a try and sure enough I wasn't disappointed. This was my First Mp3 Player and I am really enjoying it. Some of the points I want to mention here are:

1) Fast USB song Transfer - This player rocks in terms of Song transfer speed. It takes about 10 sec for a 4MB song. If you are tranferring a .WMA file it cuts that time into half as the file size shrinks into half.

2) .WMA compatible - This is the best feature. Taking a .MP3 song and putting it on the player as half of its original size with excellent sound quality is remarkable. First I tried putting all the MP3 songs on the player and could only fit a maximum of 13 songs but with the .WMA format I counld now fit a Maximum of 27(In My Case). 27 songs with excellent sound quality is phenominal.

3) Wired Remote - A great thing to have when you don't feel like taking the player in and out again and again . Another feature on the remote is that by pressing and holding the play button for 2 seconds you can switch between the MP3 songs and FM radio thus not having to take the player out just to switch from the FM radio to the songs or vice versa.

4) DSP Equalizer - It has 6 different choices and they are NORMAL, CLASSIC, POP, ROCK, JAZZ and the customizable BASS and TREBLE as the 6th choice.

5)Voice Recorder - This is another great feature that is present in the player. With 1 MB you can record upto 6min of conversation.

6)Backlight - Great for using the player in the dark spots or in the night.

7) FM RADIO - paying a lot of money and not having an FM Radio wouldn't be a right investment for me. Radio sounds great. Many reviewers were complaining about the Bad Reception Problem but I think it depends on the area in which you live. I'm a Queens resident and I am satisfied with the Reception that I get.

- The battery life is good. Lasts about 8-10 hours. - Upgradeable Firmware is the best. This feature will allow the player to be updated if any new formats or anything like that comes out in the market.

The only negative point that I found was that the player can only be limited to 64 MB of memory but with the .WMA format that is not a problem for me anymore since now I can put more that 25 songs on just one memory card without paying anymore money.

NOTE: If you want to know more about how to put the .WMA songs you can go to this website and download the windows media player 7 bonus pack and open the audio converter 3.0 LE and change the .MP3 to .WMA and have more music with EXCELLENT SOUND QUALITY.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Plenty of features, but not quite Sony execution
Review: On paper, the Nomad II 64 MB has everything, and by and large it works well: reasonably fast song transfer, FM tuner w/lots of station slots, easy to use digital voice recording, remote, upgradeable firmware, etc. Still, day to day, some annoyances pop up in actual use.

For starters, the physical design and ergonomics aren't the best. Changing the smart media card requires removal of the battery cover, so it's a little awkward to carry around more ram. The remote is nice, but could be easier to orient without looking at it. The case appears to be painted plastic, not the ABS of high-end portables. Also, coffee table-level drop sort of knocked the display window out of orientation, though it still works fine.

A few votes for the next firmware upgrade by Creative: 1) there's no way to change a given song's time display to "count down" instead of "count up" - the text is too small for the numbers. 2) It's not the most intuitive to navigate around menus, or even turn it on or off. 3) The display shows a sometimes indeciperable truncated version of your song name in the song selection menu (i.e. you can't see the MP3 ID included until you actually select and start playing the song).

The supplied USB transfer software does the job, though it too could use a version 2.0. I'd like to see a multi-threaded version (it's unresponsive while transfering a song, so sometimes you wait 30 seconds to do anything with it). Otherwise it's not bad, with a few kooky interface elements thrown in.

General performance is good however, with only one complaint: changing to a menu while a song is playing causes a few millisecond long disruption in the currently playing tune. In fact a few of the buttons seem to disturb the operation with clicks and pops. Not too bad really, just not the best engineering.

Finally, the headphones supplied are just silly. They don't sound that great, and are not really useful for doing anything active as is such a selling point for mp3 players in general.

Yes, Creative has some polishing to do, but I'm glad I waited for a 2nd generation unit, since this is a very good overall package, and with some new headphones & (hopefully) a few firmware upgrades, it will be a great one.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Absolutely Fantastic
Review: I mulled over making this purchase for months and now that I've done, received it and used for about 2 weeks I have to say that I am perfectly satisfied.

Let me take a moment to dispel some of the myths about this product (stated by other reviewers).

FM radio reception: Radio reception most times has nothing to do with the piece of equipment your using, it's about the area you use it in. If you in an area with bad reception, guess what usually your equipment will not perform well. I for one have had absolutely no problems with the Nomad in this area.

Inability to use long filenames: Again not true, well sort of. If you use the software Creative provides to upload music to your Nomad you will have the "~" problem. But take the extra time to download Windows Media Player 7. Not only does it accept and upload long file names, but if you convert your music to .WMA instead of .MP3 you'll be able to carrying more music due to .WMA's higher compression rate.

Slick Beltclip Depending on how its used it will work fine. When I go to the gym I just clip my Nomad to my sweats facing my body (clip out) with the "lock" controls on. That way it doesn't fall, I don't have any inadvertent button pushes and I can just use the wired remote (very cool feature).

Headphone (backphones) are average. I have been considering buying a better pair.

Audiobook files ARE compatible.

All-in-all I believe this to be an awesome product. I've used it for everything from Jazz, Pop, R&B, to Hip-hop (not really in to Classical) and its always performed well.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: keeps breaking!
Review: I own a Nomad II 64 MP3 player and it has broken for a second time - the warranty was only 60 days, and shortly thereafter, it stopped working, so I had to send it back and have it repaired for [$$$] (on the phone you can only talk to customer service reps, not technicians, and none of them could ever tell me what happend or how to prevent it from happening again in the future). The repair came with another generous 60 day warranty. The repair lasted about a year, and now it is broken again (in a similar but different way) - and I have always been very careful with it and it has never been physically harmed. Now that it is broken a second time I don't see the need to put more money into it, only to have it break again.

Rating: 2 stars
Summary: Does not work right
Review: the player worked right for like 2 or 3 days then started to turn on and off by itself also would not turn on correctly.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Wow
Review: Seller was very fast!! Player like new!! I love it, thank you.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Wont have Any other player
Review: I got my Nomad II (dap 0001) over 1 year and a half ago. It has completely changed my way of listening to Music. Its portable design makes it invisible in almost any setting, not to mention its light weight which is great for working out. I take my player with me everywhere I go. It has amazing sound quality and can take a good thrashing too. I have dropped it many times and it has kept on ticking until recently. I bought some 9$ head phones at Kmart to use with it and I kid you not it is like walking around with an invisible home stereo system on your head. crystal clear sound!!!! no listening unit can offer a more customized and personal experience. When I turn it off it remembers exactly where in any song I left off. if anyone else knows of a player that can do that for under 200$ please tell me. I love this feature. If I turn it off for an hour and pick it back up its like I never missed a beat in the song (literally). Sometimes the unit does some strange things but always bounces back. It can be difficult at times, but taking the battery out and putting it back in ususally does the trick. Voice recording feature is quite useful. Software user friendly, and it is so easy to use Iwas using it without even looking at it within 2 days of owning it. Now here is the bad part. mine just stopped working recently. It would not read the memory card and now I cant even get it to turn on. I am crushed. I am in the market for another one but I just cant find one that matches this one in features, portability, and sound quality. I am leaning toward buying another one, and this is after thoroughly studying many other players. I just cant get over this player and I dont think I will ever own anything else. This little player rivals my wife in its significance. very hard to find a light weight portable,good sounding mp3 player with voice recorder, FM stereo, no skip, repeat 1 and all tracks ,a-b loop, with auto song bookmarking feature, that runs on only 1 battery for many hours on end, and makes a 10$ set of headphones sound like a million bucks. its ease of operation almost requires no instructions. If mine doesnt start working again soon I will not think twice about dropping 200$ to get another one!!!

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