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Aiwa XP-SP920UAB3 Sports Cross-Trainer CD Player

Aiwa XP-SP920UAB3 Sports Cross-Trainer CD Player

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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: OK
Review: Overall this player is very good. Bass system gives really good sound, one of the best I've heard. Nice look and easy-to-understand controls. But the problem with the headphones plug is in my one too.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: You will be disappointed if you buy this.
Review: The headphone jack is so sensitive that any tiny movement will cause the entire right or left channel to go out completely, or cause annoying satic to occur, which makes these headpones pretty much useless. Any benefit that the anti-shock feature provides is nullified by this. I listen to these headphones sitting stationary, and just moving my head causes the headphone jack to phase out or produce static. I can't imagine how anyone could jog with these headphones; and not because it skips, but because of the defective headphone jack. Please heed mine and everyone else's warning on this. Your money would be better spent on a different product.

Rating: 2 stars
Summary: I want to like Aiwa products, really...
Review: The previous two reviews hilight two of my main issues.

1)The headphone jack is horrible!!! At first, I thought I got a faulty player; I sent it back and was sent a new one. The new player has the same headphone jack short. So, I'm assuming there is a very bad batch of these players floating around.
2)The DSL (sound enhance mode) has to be turned on each time I turn on the player. Pretty lame. I expect my personal settings to be remembered.
3)The lock mechanism that keeps the player closed does not snap shut very tight. There is enough play in the mechanism that it often unlocks itself when I carry the player in my work bag.

The headphones are good quality considering what other players ship with these days. And, outside of constantly hearing the shorting out of the headphone jack, the overall sound quality is really good.

All in all, I'd recommend Panasonic personal player products over Aiwa. Usually, Panasonic is what've I've owned in the past and always been very very pleased. I tried Aiwa because I thought personal player products were their specialty and that they would provide a superior product. Not so in this case.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: water, heat, sand no problem
Review: This cd walkman is the best a soldier can buy and have it last in the most extreme weather conditions. I am so impresed I would recommend to anyone looking for a die-hard cd player. As everyone has mentioned, the headphone jack to the headphones is all messed up. It shorts out, but can be corrected by buying a better set. I love the sturdy and rugged feel of the system, it's a little heavier and a lot more durable than most out on the market. So, if you are looking for a reliable system, look no further, this has been soldier tried and tested. Hooah!!! Support your troops and President Bush, and let freedom ring.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Great and the headphone jack short is no problem
Review: this is a great cd player i read about the jack short the day i got it and started to think, because my too had this problem. so i blew some canned air in the hole and it worked fine! mebbe this is just dust or somehting but it is no problem...it doesnt skip and it looks really cool!
It broke a week later//./...;.....avoid at all costs

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Very disappointed
Review: This is the first portable cd player I was actually willing to spend some money on since I've started college. The first day I listened to it, I already had problems with the lock mechanism staying locked. Also, I thought I had a faulty headphone jack because it kept shorting out, but my friend also bought one too and her headphone jack was not in very good working condition too. I was willing to overlook the problems, and a few days later, I was very upset at the fact that the cd player would not play anything. It would not get off the hold mechanism. I thought maybe it was the batteries and it wasn't. Now, I haven't been able to play anything on it for a week and I'm going to send it back. Every time I press any button, "hold" flashes on the screen even though it is not on hold. I never dropped it and always took good care of it--it just must be of very poor quality.

I definitely recommend NOT buying this item. Aiwa is not a good brand and I know I'll never purchase anything under that brand name again.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: KY crosstrainer
Review: This is the second Aiwa personal cd player that I have baought. The first one lasted over two years. It was used most everyday in the gym and anywhere else I went. I like this one better than the first one. I like the size of the buttons. It is easier for me to operate them. I do not like the headphones. When I run, the sweat from my head makes them slide down my head. The rubberized case is hard to get in and out of some carrying case, that is something I can adjust. I think that it is a good product and I do recomend it to my friends and whomever ask my opion on the personal cd players.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: very good
Review: very good buy. The only thing is that it should have a carrying case.

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