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ACOUSTIC RESEARCH 6-Piece Home Theater System HC5 BLACK

ACOUSTIC RESEARCH 6-Piece Home Theater System HC5 BLACK

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  • Shielded satellites and center channel - Recommended amp power - 15-100 Watts
  • Satellites and center channel finish - black anodized aluminum
  • Subwoofer finish - black vinyl laminate with anodized aluminum accent
  • Subwoofer has a downfiring 8 driver and a built-in 100 Watt amplifier
  • Impedance - nominal 8 ohms


Unleash the full power of your DVDs with the 6-piece ARHC5 home theater speaker system from Acoustic Research. The set comes with all the speakers you need to experience full-blown Hollywood-style surround sound: a 2-way center-channel speaker, 2 front satellites, 2 rear satellites, and a 100-watt RMS subwoofer with a down-firing, 8-inch, long-throw woofer for room-rattling low-frequency effects. Wait no longer to seat yourself in the middle of crisp dialog, lush, enveloping music, and sound effects so intense you'll have to remind yourself it's only a movie.

Connect the ARHC5 to your multichannel surround receiver to enjoy lush, enveloping surround sound from DVD-Video movies and other programs (Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks) as well as DVD-Audio and SACD (high-resolution stereo and surround-sound music) programs. The system produces full-range sound, with the satellites covering 100 to 20,000 Hz and the subwoofer reaching down to a deep 35 Hz with a variable crossover to tailor its upper boundary (40 to 180 Hz) with the lower range produced by the satellites and center speaker; speakers will always exhibit a different frequency response in different rooms.

The satellites and center speaker are magnetically shielded for distortion-free placement on or near a television or computer monitor. Each satellite uses a .5-inch tweeter and a 3-inch woofer, while the center speaker employs a .5-inch tweeter and a pair of 3-inch woofers to produce the extra sonic fullness needed for a movie's critical center-channel signal, which carries most of the dialogue.

The system's subwoofer offers inputs for either line- (RCA) or speaker-level (clip-type) inputs, with speaker-level outputs, too, in case you want to run speaker cables from your amplifier or surround receiver to the subwoofer, and then on to your speakers, putting the sub "inline" with 100 percent of your audio listening. Alternately, you can run a dedicated subwoofer cable from your surround receiver's subwoofer preamp output (for authentic ".1" effects from 5.1- or 6.1-channel programs) or from any level-dependent analog audio output. A phase switch controls the phase of the subwoofer's output relative to the phase of the front speakers, permitting optimal phase alignment even if you position the sub in the corner.

Acoustic Research recommends using 16-gauge speaker wire for hooking your surround receiver to your front speakers. To simplify the process of hooking up the subwoofer in parallel with the front speakers, the speaker wires you use to connect the receiver to the subwoofer can be smaller (higher gauge), since the subwoofer does not draw large amounts of power through these wires.

The ARHC5 comes with a wall mounting system specifically designed for your satellites. The mounting system includes 4 each mounting rods with attached plate, rubber compression washers, and angle wedges. When installed properly, the mounting system will permit optimal focusing of the satellite speakers.

What's in the Box
Four matching satellite speakers, 1 center-channel speaker, 1 powered subwoofer, satellite mounting brackets, an AC power cord, a user's manual, and warranty information.

Note: The system does not include speaker cables or hardware to attach the wall mount brackets to the mounting surface.

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