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2 DVD's-The Piano Styles of Dr John

2 DVD's-The Piano Styles of Dr John

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Rating: 3 stars
Summary: Not enough instruction
Review: I was expecting more dissection of what Dr John was playing than what is contained on these DVDs. There is an vast abundance of material but very little breakdown of it. To tell the truth, I think the moderator was a little intimidated and didn't want to press the issue of having the good doctor slowdown and explain some of the cliché' riffs he was playing. This would have been a huge benefit to aspiring hacks like myself wanting to learn some of the tricks of the trade. I feel I could of bought a few cds and been just as well off transcribing rather than purchasing this package. I suppose you could slow down the DVD and catch what he is doing. And, if you have the patience to do that you can probably gain a lot. But personally I would have rather been shown the breakdown of Dr John's riffs in a more instructional manner.

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