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ABC's of Newborn Baby Care

ABC's of Newborn Baby Care

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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: believe the reviews
Review: I'm 8 months pregnant with my first baby and was very hesitant to buy this dvd.

Based on all the 5 star reviews I thought they must be from friends of the people who made this (like so many reviews). I was wrong. This was the easiest to watch baby care video I bought. They included websites and a phone number where to get our car seat installed. (I called immediately to get it installed and there was a waiting list, like they said in the video) ABC's also showed all the baby care products I didn't even realize I needed. (The essential list is after the credits) Smart thinking on making this list visual. It helped me when I went to stock up at the store.

FYI: the other three DVD'S were completely UNWATCHABLE. (My husband refused to watch the one which began with a baby coming out of the birth canal) For you first time moms, don't even bother with other dvd's. It is a waste of money. My husband and I rate ABC's of newborn baby care THE BEST along with Dr. Karps, "happiest baby..." These are the only two dvds that really helped us.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Perfect Baby Shower Gift
Review: There is nothing that could be more worthwhile to give a first time mother-to-be than this DVD. Everything a new mother would need to know is covered by a professional baby nurse demonstrating on a new baby.Plus every possible item that will be needed in the nursery is covered along with helpful internet sites to be a smart shopper with up to date info.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: The "Baby Manual" is finally here!
Review: They say babies don't come with a manual - well, now they do! As a fourth time mom, I sure wish I had this when I came home from the hospital with my babies. I would have had a lot less frustration!! I plan to buy this for all my mommy-to-be friends - what an amazing source of peace and confidence this DVD will bring to a new mother. I sure learned that even though I had already had a baby before I still had a ton of questions and doubts that this video addressed. No new mother should be without one!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: loved ABC's of Newborn Babycare
Review: This DVD is so incredibly informative. I would recomend it to anyone to watch. Beatifully done.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Superior Newborn Tips
Review: This DVD on what to do when you get home with a newborn baby really had everything the entire family needed to know. No need to mess with cumbersome books. It was all visual and each picture was worth more than a thousand words. A book with all this info would have been too big to get in the door.The newborn baby nurse demonstrated on a boy which was most helpful at learning how to take care of both a circumscision and the healing umbelical cord which are so close together and need to be kept dry. That alone was worth the small price of the DVD. I'm taking this DVD to every baby shower from now on.

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