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"H" Is for Homicide

"H" Is for Homicide

List Price: $23.95
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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Kinsey's in trouble again. . .
Review: . . .it all starts innocently enough, when California Fidelity, the company who's given Kinsey free office space for years in return for the occasional fraud investigation, gets taken over by Gordon Titus, an "efficiency expert." He's got it in for her from the get-go, so she takes a last-ditch fraud investigation job. Next thing you know, an old school friend, who's mixed up with the woman Kinsey's investigating, enters the picture, and to help him, Kinsey follows the woman clear into LA and gang territory. Getting out is not as easy as getting in was, either. This is especially upsetting to Vera Lipton, Kinsey's old CF friend, who just KNOWS that Kinsey will not be able to squeeze in a shopping trip for a new dress to wear to Vera's wedding. The last sentence of the epilogue, even more than the previous ones, is a "cliffhanger," and I couldn't wait to read "I" and find out what would happen next. Have fun, folks. . .

Rating: 3 stars
Summary: The third star is for the last sentence...
Review: ...which was the best plot twist for the storyline. Other than that, the plot is really two-star fare, and anyone who sees I've been working my way through the series knows I've given high marks to all of them thus far. This plot just wasn't chilling, mysterious, or really in any way a page-turner. Don't ever start with this one, and if you haven't the tolerance to read every single Kinsey Millhone mystery, you could afford to skip it. And I don't say that lightly!

Rating: 3 stars
Summary: H is for Hostage, not Homicide
Review: From the title and the early entry of a dead body, the reader thinks that Kinsey is going to set out to solve a homicide. However, she gets tangled up in a most unusual situation, as a virtual hostage in a Latino run auto insurance fraud ring. This is the only alphabet book I have read where Kinsey is not working for a client, and I guess this is part of the reason I thought this book was sub-par, by Sue Grafton standards. There is little mention of the usual Santa Teresa characters. Even so, this book was an easy page turner, as all other alphabet books are. If this is your first Millhone mystery, don't worry. Most of them are much, much better.

Rating: 5 stars
Review: Funny, until I read some of the other reviews I thought this was one of the best Millhone book I had read. I have read A through H. Kinsey is hired to look into a claim by Bibianna Diaz. Along the way she finds Diaz is connected to the murder of her friend Parnell Perkins. I thought the way Sue Grafton weaved the characters through this book was very good. Raymond is a nut and Kinsey's experience with the pit bull is great. Does Kinsey end up working undercover for the police? Is someone else working undercover also? The answers are in the book, you will be surprised. I liked it.

Rating: 3 stars
Summary: Enjoyable Read
Review: Grafton's writing style in H is for Homicide makes for light and entertaining reading, as always. For this reason, I will always cosy up to a Kinsey Milhone adventure for laughs and adequate satisfaction for content. I don't agree with other readers that there was no plot! The plot kept me reading - insurance scams like this one make you sympathize (for once) with insurance companies! Great Read!

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Really Disappointed
Review: I am new to this series of books and am reading them in order. I really enjoyed A through G, but H is a real disappointment. I simply do not like Kinsey in this one. She comes across as a bit stupid here. I'm surprised at her willingness to break the law. For example, she hits the female cop since this will get her arrested and she'll be able to stay close to Bibianna. What?! Or how about when she's with Raymond looking for potential accidents and she VOLUNTEERS to drive at one point. Then when she causes her first accident she feels a "thrill." Who is this person? What I really found ridiculous was the chapter with Dolan and Santos filling Kinsey in on what's going on and what they want her to do, and then low and behold, she inexplicably gets bailed out before she's supposed to. I hope the next books in this series that I read are a whole lot better.

Rating: 2 stars
Summary: Weakest of the 10 I've Read
Review: I finally gave Grafton's "alphabet" series featuring Kinsey Millhone a try with "P Is For Peril" a year or two ago, when it was the newest of the series. I liked "P", and I've since been working my way through the rest, starting with "A" -- I've now reached "I."

I think "H Is For Homicide" is the weakest I've read. Much of the book has Kinsey undercover, living with some crooks and auto insurance fraud artists in Los Angeles. The plot doesn't seem to advance very quickly in these segments, and Kinsey's acerbic observations begin to pall. We're left with a generally static narrative of fairly pointless minor incidents among uninteresting, vaguely threatening people. Kinsey's better when she's rushing around among a variety of mainly middle class specimens, observing their tastes and foibles, in my opinion.

The good news is that "I Is For Innocent" was a welcome return to form.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Grafton's Worst
Review: I have read all of Sue Grafton's Kinsey Milhone books, and I've enjoyed all of them, except this one. For a private eye novel, there is no detection or mystery in this one. It's as if Grafton had to turn in a book and had writer's block when she wrote this one. A mystery novel without a plot is no good. Don't start with this one or you'll likely write off the entire series, which is much, much better.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: H is for Homicide
Review: I have read all of the series up to "N". I loved all of them except for "H". All she seemed to do was go to the bar with them or hang out in their apartment (and describe it. No action as in other books. I, J, K, L, M and N were great. Don't judge the series by this one. I started with M and went back to A and read on.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Hurrah for Kinsey Millhone
Review: I love Sue Grafton's work. She has created a wonderful set of characters led by Kinsey Milhone, Private Investigator. In this novel Kinsey is investigating insurance fraud and takes her job seriously enough to pose as a hooker in order to get close to the hooker who will lead her to solving the case. This book is as usual a fast paced thriller.

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