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"O" Is for Outlaw

"O" Is for Outlaw

List Price: $29.95
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Rating: 4 stars
Summary: A solid member of this alphabetical family
Review: "O is for Outlaw" is not exceptional and it is not bad. I'd rate it a notch above average - not because of the quality of the mystery (it was average), but because of the quality of the characters. There were a number of interesting people, from the man who buys auctioned off storage garages to Dixie, the loose waitress turned loose rich hostess of parties to the elite to Mickey, Kinsey's mysterious ex-husband. More than enough suspects to keep the reader guessing!

I listened to "O is for Outlaw" as a book on tape and it was a great companion on my 45-minute drive to work. Judith Kaye reads all of them and she does a fabulous job!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Peek into Kinsey's past

Kinsey Millhone is a person I would like to know. She's quirky, intensely loyal and tenancious as a bulldog. Additionally, anyone who is brave enough to cut their hair with cuticle scissors is to be admired. I have every volume and I've enjoyed reading all of her adventures.

I especially liked this book because we get a glimpse into Kinsey's past and begin to see why she acts/reacts to men and to tight situations the way she does.

I read this book in two sittings and would recommend it to any other Grafton fans.

To a new reader, however, I would recommend that the stories be read in order. Grafton builds something new into each one and, as they build, the reader begins to understand Kinsey and her slightly off-centered world.

P.S. Ms. Grafton -- we need more of Henry....he's just too precious for words -- and because of his age, he might not be around/spry for the rest of the alphabet.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: The masterpiece
Review: Any Sue Grafton is 5 stars, but I think this is the best of the series. L is for Lawless was the funniest. B is for Burglar the most ingeniously plotted. Sometimes Grafton has a tendency to pick her culprit out of the hat with last-minute revelations just before the end. Here the plot builds up steadily to a logical climax and logical culprit.
This is the one about her her first husband, a cop falsely accused of killing. All the novels are self-contained but this is series that is well worth starting with A is for Alibi. It's kind of like reading Proust as characters reappear.
She likes to set every scene carefully. Buildings, weather, clothing, food and characters' physical appearance are all carefully described with details about how they look, how they sound and how they smell. Some readers may find this holds things up. Kinsey Milhone is put in peril at the end of each book and saved in the nick of time, and this sometimes gets implausible. The novels are all set within a fairly narrow times frame, in the 1980's (no cell phones or DNA evidence) and another implausibility is that of a private eye handling two or three murders a year, but if we worried about that we wouldn't be reading private eye stories anyway. Otherwise a perfect writer.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: This time it's personal.
Review: Grafton's writing just gets better and better! In O IS FOR OUTLAW, Kinsey Millhone has to deal with a violent assault on her ex-husband at the same time that she's a suspect in the attack. And an old mystery is revived and solved. Kinsey is already such a complete character, it's like having more icing on the cake to have even more personal insight into her character. I can't praise it highly enough. Simply the best. A symphony with never a note out of place.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Another winner in the alphabet of crime
Review: I discovered Sue Grafton in 1995. I have read all of her books and recommend that readers do the same to see how Kinsey develops from A to O.

I have written to her and am on her mailing list for personal appearances and advance notices of new books. Sue is a great example of how to treat her readers. She respects us!

What I love about her books is that there are a few sentences to tell you about Kinsey in each book. Even though you may have missed the other books, it doesn't take you long to learn about her. I love the idea that she has one black dress, has a neat apartment, nice landlord, etc.

Her awful junk food choices washed down by a glass of Chardonnay are wonderful! She's the perfect person with one dress and a VW.

I hope that Sue does not bring her up to date with cell phones, etc too soon. I've learned some great investigative tips from her. It's amazing what people will tell you over the phone when you play dumb or are less than truthful. No real crime here. Just a fact-finding mission.

O for Outlaw was a good read. I didn't pick up who was the bad guy until late in story. Great ending as always. The little bits of info she puts in lead to a surprise ending. You think, "How did I miss that clue?"

How can one say seriously, I'm awaiting "P"? What will that stand for?

Rating: 3 stars
Summary: Not My Favorite Book of Grafton's
Review: I found this book a little confusing.

Basically, it is about a long unsolved murder until Kinsey's ex-husband Mickey is shot and lands in the hospital critically ill.
Someone sells Kinsey some old info of Mickey's that he left behind, and it is from there that Kinsey tries to connect that facts of what really happened to Mickey and who attempted his murder. Was it Dixie, his old lover? Or Could it have been Mark, supposedly an old chum? Some other detectives think Kinsey entered into it somehow, and Kinsey puts them straight, but almost to the expense of her own life.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: V is for Very Good!
Review: I really enjoyed this book. I've read other/most of the alphabet series by Sue Grafton and this is one of the best. Kinsey is such a realitic character and the humor wrapped in and around the mystery is a treat.

One criticism I have is that many of the characters are so similar, plus we have a lot of fathers and sons with the same last name, so it can be confusing to keep it all straight.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: V is for Very Good!
Review: I really enjoyed this book. I've read other/most of the alphabet series by Sue Grafton and this is one of the best. Kinsey is such a realitic character and the humor wrapped in and around the mystery is a treat.

One criticism I have is that many of the characters are so similar, plus we have a lot of fathers and sons with the same last name, so it can be confusing to keep it all straight.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Kinsey is at it again!
Review: I wanted to write this review while it was still fresh on my mind. I just finished O is for Outlaw and as usual was entertained. I was angry I had to leave for work with three chapters left and rushed home to finish it. This is classic Kinsey and I should know; I've read them all beginning with A is for Alibi. I have actually had the book since January. But I always wait on these books and savor it for a time when I can devote my full attention to it. Thrifty Kinsey Millhone pays twenty bucks (having bartered down from thirty) for a locker of her past momentos left by her ex-husband Mickey Magruder. She walked out on him when she thought he asked her to be his alibi for a murder he was accused of. They were both cops at the time and in her mind he had asked her to do the unthinkable. A letter turns up that gives Kinsey cause to think maybe she made a mistake about Mickey. Then a visit from L.A. cops reveal that Mickey is laying in the UCLA hospital, the victim of a gunshot. The plot thickens. You bet it does. Sudenly there are a cast of suspicious acting characters and as the reader you are left with the thought. Now what is going on here? A blonde ponytailed bike rider, a former barmaid turned rich matron, bar owners who may be involved in illegal activies. All of this makes for a diverse cast and rich mix of possibilities. Leave it to Sue Grafton to weave the twists and turns into an ending that will make you sigh and say, Now why didn't I think of that? When is P coming out?

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Better than the recent entries
Review: If you aren't a Kinsey fan and you're looking at getting into the series - you should probably start at the beginning. Not that you couldn't enjoy this book by itself. In my opinion, its the best of the books since at least K is for Killer - the series had started to sag once Kinsey's family got involved - and Kinsey is once again in fine form. This time on the hunt for her ex-husband's attempted murderer - the book has a satisfying (yet somewhat contrived) conclusion. With the requisite wit of any Millhoune mystery - this one satisfies, and I'm definitely looking forward to the rest.

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