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 Wall Street People: True Stories of the Great Barons of Finance, Vol. 2

Wall Street People: True Stories of the Great Barons of Finance, Vol. 2

List Price: $39.95
Your Price: $27.97
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Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Very Dissappointing
Review: The authors didn't even know the difference between Jesse Livermore & Edwin Lefevre. In the bio about Edwin Lefevre, the authors simple pull segments from Reminiscences of A Stock Operator to describe Lefevre's life - They thought he was the main character in the book!! They write, "Edwin Lefevre was a self-styled Stock Operator from the early 1900s, who had been in the speculative game since he was 14".

The authors didn't even know that Lefevre was a writer (an author of more than 1/2 a dozen books) & that Reminiscences was about Jesse Livermore.

The above gives you an idea about how well this book was researched!

Save your money!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Wall Street People: True Stories of the Great Barons of Fina
Review: The world of finance has been home to a variety of fascinating heroes and villains-from the movers and shakers looking for the ultimate payday to the founding fathers of great financial institutions-who have left their mark, for better or worse, in pursuit of grand economic ideals. The achievements of legends such as Jesse L. Livermore, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and Joseph P. Kennedy are well known, but there is more to these and other financial legends than meets the eye. In Volume Two of Wall Street People, Charles Ellis and James Vertin turn back the clock to reveal the true stories of the great barons of finance. Vivid portraits offer a rare glimpse into the professional and personal world of over sixty of the masters and moguls of finance. This unique book profiles some of the most interesting, powerful, and talked-about financial luminaries of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. You'll get an up-close and personal look at such well-known personalities as: J. Pierpont Morgan Jr.-son of the legendary banking figure, he successfully headed the family's firm, enjoyed his business role immensely, and lived in a mansion grander than any of his father's Jesse L. Livermore-whose combination of iron will, patience, and timing made him the greatest speculator ever Jay Gould-hard dealing, yet admirable, he started to build a railroad fortune at age twenty-three and completed it at age fifty-six, attempting some of the most famous gold corners along the way Andrew Carnegie-whose philosophy of "making yourself the master in one line of business" helped him conquer the iron and steel industry John D. Rockefeller-the shrewd dealer who rationalized the U.S. petroleum industry, built Standard Oil into one of the world's greatest business organizations, and amassed an enormous fortune Joseph P. Kennedy-whose skills and persistence enabled him to establish a family fortune and political dynasty Captivating, revealing, and intriguing, Wall Street People: True Stories of the Great Barons of Finance, Volume Two is a unique collection of profiles that will be cherished by anyone who enjoys reading about the lives of history's financial luminaries and scoundrels. The financial world has produced some extraordinarily interesting people. Find out who they are, what they did, and how they got there in Wall Street People, Volume Two.

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