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"Good enough" isn't enough. . . : Nine Challenges for Companies That Choose to Be Great

"Good enough" isn't enough. . . : Nine Challenges for Companies That Choose to Be Great

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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Highly Recommended!
Review: Alan Weiss's clarion call for corporate excellence may remind you of your parents' stern guidance in your youth. You weren't sure you wanted to listen to their traditional viewpoints, but you knew they were right. Weiss cites today's watered-down sense of social accountability as the bad seed that has spoiled corporate standards. He insists that constantly lowering standards is not the way to achieve lasting excellence. He warns that executives need to exercise common sense rather than chase every management fad they encounter or succumb to high-priced consultants. Similarly, he warns that executives who surround themselves with sycophants will get carried away with their own egos. At times, Weiss seems to get a bit carried away himself, regaling how he browbeat the service rep when his bottled water delivery went to the wrong address. But we [...] recommend this book as beneficial to executives - and even to consultants - as a refreshing throwback to days before the advent of kinder, gentler management.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: If it's by Alan Weiss, it's worth reading
Review: There's nobody who's writing about business today who makes more sense than Alan Weiss. His books are bright, lively and to the point. Weiss, one of the most respected consultants in America, knows what he is talking about and generously shares it with his readers.

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