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 Pokemon: The Official Collector's Sticker Book

Pokemon: The Official Collector's Sticker Book

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Rating: 3 stars
Summary: Ok book
Review: I ordered this book thinking that it was like a regular sticker book (one that told a story and you put the stickers on the pages). But it was a sticker book where you write down everything you find out while playing the game, watching the cartoon, and collecting the toys. It was a good book if you want it for those reasons.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: A Suprize Hit
Review: My initial response was that the book had a lot of empty pages and 4 sheets of very detailed but small stickers. However the childen loved it. It keeps them busy especially childen six years and up. But it's not really suitable for the younger children, not flashy enough. I would suggest one of the other publications with less stickers

Rating: 5 stars
Review: The review titled "Fun!" is about the "Official Pokemon Collector's Sticker Book 2;" go there now, it's very good. This one is also good.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Fun!
Review: This book is a cool introduction to 33 of the new Pokemon. The best ones without doubt are Quagsire (blue platypus), Quilava (blue and white fire starter Pokemon stage 1 evolution), Bayleef (green grass Pokemon stage 1 evolution that supposedly emits a spicy smell from its neck's leaves-I love that, it reminds me of candles), Hoppit ("Cottonweed Pokemon;," isn't that an adorably precious name? Cute lil' pink thing that blows in the wind and predicts storms in the show), and Elekid (electric type that looks like an outlet plug). The book tells about them and gives you a sticker for each, plus stickers of lots of old Pokemon, too, in cool poses. There are a few mistakes, like calling Hoppit Hoppip and Maril Mareep, but that aside, it's really pretty cool. You can fill it out as you make your way to becoming a Pokemom master!

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