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.hack Part 2: Mutation Official Strategy Guide

.hack Part 2: Mutation Official Strategy Guide

List Price: $14.99
Your Price: $10.49
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Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Useful Information
Review: Given that .hack//MUTATION is a fairly linear game of only moderate complexity, writing a strategy guide must be a special challenge. Many publishers would give into the temptation to fill the guide with great numbers of screen shots and side stories in an effort to make a collectors item out of what would otherwise be a thin effort. For some reason, BradyGames rarely gives into that temptation, and this guide is a classic example of providing all the needed information without burying it in glitz.

They provide a straightforward and complete walkthrough, plenty of information on side quests, and all the usual weapon and monster details. Maps are provided where needed, and, yes, there still is room for plenty of screen shots. They are especially good at detailing the moves necessary to deal with the game's deadly bosses. And grunty races as well - although nothing could save me from my inept reflexes.

I am not sure if a guide is necessary for playing .hack//MUTATION, but if you like them as I do, you will find that this guide delivers everything it should in useful form. There are two more of these still to come in the series though, so you may want to wait until you are legitimately stumped.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Do not buy this!
Review: This guide is horrible! Okay, the walkthrough is decent, but who needs a walkthrough for this game? Seriously... this game is very straightforward. The best reason to get a guide for it is for weapon, item, and monster lists. This book is very incomplete. While there are at least a hundred new weapons and pieces of armor, this book only lists about fifteen. The monster lists are also very bad, many monsters are missing, and for the ones that ARE listed, the items they drop are not. Bradygames posted updated weapon/armor lists on their website, but they are still missing all of the rare weapons in the game as well as the monster info. A very rushed book, not worth your cash. You're better off just finding a FAQ online.

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