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 Applications Interface Programming Using Multiple Languages: A Windows Programmer's Guide

Applications Interface Programming Using Multiple Languages: A Windows Programmer's Guide

List Price: $79.99
Your Price: $68.92
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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: a student
Review: This book has been a very helpful tool; it has helped me by giving me easy to follow sample programs. Having these examples to follow has given me the opportunity to find out what my mistakes were and correct them with less hassle. This book is a great tool for any student programming in more than one language. It teaches by examples, giving a hands-on approach to each example. Out of all of the books that I had to use to complete my project, this one book is the one that I constantly came back to look up any problems that occurred. With out this book my research this summer would have been a very difficult task, but with the sample coding to guide me through, I have produced a great project.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Comprehensive Guide to Inter-Language Communication
Review: This book takes the theoretical ideas that are present in other programming books and makes it a reality. With easy to follow, practical examples, it guides the reader through techniques to communicate between different programming languages. Finally, there is a book that makes understanding how to relate information across the languages barriers a simple task. And with seven different languages, it is the only comprehensive work to do so. It was very helpful to me, because I needed to be able to send messages between two different pieces of code that I didn't have the time to rewrite. The thorough examples allowed me to quickly learn how to use the techniques and expand upon them so that it would do that which I needed it to. I learned a lot of things from this book that, previously, I didn't know were possible.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Good Book for multi-language interfacing Programmng
Review: This is a terrific interfacing program book so far I have found in this site. The book provides a thorough description and detailed illustrations in interfacing programming between different languages with a lot of hands-on examples. As everybody knows, the easiest way to learn a programming language is via examples. I found that this book is an example-oriented one, and it combines theoretical knowledge with the practical programming techniques together to show me how to develop interfacing programs step by step.

Besides the interfacing technology, the author seems to have a deep understanding for each programming language. I found that in chapters, the author provides some useful hands-on technologies, such as the pseudo-components in the Visual Basic to access the
Database, recovering the developed program codes in VisualWorks in Smalltalk and developing a DLL in MATLAB. I cannot find those hands-on technologies from any other textbooks or professional language reference books in the market.

Finally, this book provides me an easy-to-learn style, which means that each example in the book starts from the fundamental level, and little by little, it gradually adds more complicated components and finally I can get a finished program that contains the completed parts I need to interface to codes developed in other language.

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