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1st Impressions: A Cassidy James Mystery (Cassidy James Mysteries)

1st Impressions: A Cassidy James Mystery (Cassidy James Mysteries)

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Rating: 4 stars
Summary: A good start...
Review: "1st Impressions" is the first Cassidy James mystery of eight to date. Overall I enjoyed this introduction and was intrigued with the plot and character development. The mystery itself kept me guessing and the setting makes me want to go out to Oregon for a visit this instant. Despite my first impressions (no pun intended) of this series I was taken back by two points resulting in only four instead of five stars for this review. First, I was dismayed that Cassidy had inherited a large sum of money from the death of a former lover that enabled her to live on that beautiful lake and be a private investigator, a position known to not pay well. This seems unrealistic and mere convenient for the plot and the author. Instead I like more realistic women detectives such as JM Redmann's Micky Knight who is underemployed and poor. My second grumble is with the length of the book along with the others in this series. It's difficult to justify paying regular book price for a mini-book. At mere 200 pages with large type, this book appears to follow in the tradition of other Naiad lesbian mysteries. Sure it's nice sometimes to have a quick read, but I couldn't help to think that Kate Calloway could have expanded the plot and written a "normal" length book. This will only benefit the series and the readers. Oh well, despite these two faults I recommend this book to others who enjoy a fun mystery.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Solving Murders Isnt' just for Dick... Jane can do it too!!
Review: "First Impressions" by Kate Calloway is a eye opening, mind twisting thriller. As one who is used to the male point of view when it comes to murder mysteries as displayed on televison and such, I found this book written by a woman to be breath of fresh air. The story reads just like a movie and the author's indepth descripton of Cedar Hills, makes me want to move there!! Kate has a way with words that just captured my imagination. When I was reading the book, I found myself trying to solve the case. However, the unexpected twists and turns of the plot was very indepth, detailed and ingenius. I had my suspicions, but the ending surprised me.

I want more!! I loved Cassidy James and the details of her life and loves is even more exquisite than Mike Hammer... at least she doesn't objective women. Everything in this book is well written and I don't see where anyone could be offended by anything in this book. Even if you aren't a Lesbian, this book is a real interesting insight into the life and times of a woman who just happens to love women. So what's wrong with that? This book shows me that women can do anything and live their life empowered by their own vision and insight.

I wanted more... so I just bought the newest issue of Cassidy James and I can't but that one down. Sho' 'nuff Kate has the stuff when it comes to writing mysteries. She has found a new fan in me... I thoroughly enjoyed this book!! A must buy for those who are tired of the same 'ol dry "who done it" by those who haven't done it!! Run to your bookstore and get your copy today... it's a book that you will surely treasure.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Excellent..... plot and character development
Review: 1st impressions is a great "first in a series" book. It successfully introduces you to the cast of characters that are important, not only to this story line, but also to the ones you will be looking forward to once you finish the first. As with any detective story there is a bit of reality muddling one must do to buy the whole story, but once done the story is fun and entertaining and incredibly satisfying. The setting is original and the characters endearing. There is even a romantic interlude that is worthy of the readers time. All in all, it is a good read that leaves you wanting to buy the next book, Second Fiddle

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Too Bad there isn't a ZERO STARS rating!!!
Review: The only thing not predictable in this non-novel is just exactly how poorly written it is. Generally, I like strong women characters .... in books as well as in reality. This is not a mystery novel, but merely an exposition in how to construct a zero-dimensional lesbian character.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Excellent..... plot and character development
Review: There are not many pleasure reading books out there that are geared towards a lesbian/gay audience. It is refreshing to see such a book. I would suggest this book to anyone wanting to read a great, casual reading, mystery book.

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