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Rear View

Rear View

List Price: $22.95
Your Price: $15.61
Product Info Reviews

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Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Bland Back Side Book
Review: Five minutes after getting Rear View, I tossed it in my "Gifts For Folks You're Not Close To" drawer. It's not that the photos are bad; they're just not any good. Dull, without context or drama -- I've seen more engaging shots in medical school anatomy books. Butt, I mean, But -- you be the judge, and then rewrap it for a friend.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Excellent 1st effort by Steven Vaschon
Review: I work in a book store in San Francisco which has sold this book quite well. When Mr. Vaschon came into our store for a book signing I took an interest and learned a few very cool things about this book, it's artist and why it sold in our store so well.

First of all, we put up a poster identical to the book cover in our window and from that image alone, our foot traffic into the store was greatly increased with many folks wanting to take a look at the book. We sold out of our initial copies in one week (as did 10% Productions.com, TLA Video.com, Books Inc. and many other websites and retailers.) As we reordered the book, we continually sold out and to this day, (a year later, it still sells well).

I think that the guy from NYC is being way to harsh about this book. The photographer is attempting to make an "artistic" statement instead of a "pornographic" statement, so I don't know how "engaging" artistic photos are supposed to be. (Maybe you should stick to porn for more engaging material, or take an art class.)

This book has also been a #1 Bestseller here on Amazon.com for months at a time so I'm quite certain that few people share your opinion that this book is "bland". Give the guy a break. As per his credits on the last page, he's only been doing photography for a couple years and I think he did an excellent job!

I like the book and it's images and I would recommend it or buy it for many close friends, as well as people I don't know well.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Vaschon's Artful Eye
Review: There's something about the photographic work of Steve Vaschon that inspires near-poetic description. Though his recent release "Rear View", focuses--literally--on the male hindquarters, the resulting images hardly reflect the more "utilitarian" nature of one of the human body's most intriguing features. Terms such as "ass", "butt" or--God forbid, "bum" hardly seem appropriate when describing such magnificent photogenic posteriors. Even a term as delicious as "cakes" seems so inadequate and pedestrian, one is almost moved to Gallicize it to the much more appropriate "gateaux".

Juxtaposed with such elements as funiture, vehicles and architecture, Vaschon's nudes are both compelling and elegant, completely at home in the context of fine art photography.

--- Outlook Magazine - Vancouver, BC

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