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"A" Is for Adam : Biblical Baby Names

"A" Is for Adam : Biblical Baby Names

List Price: $7.95
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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Great Book for Great Names
Review: A is for Adam is the ultimate Bible names book. Author Lorilee Craker picks the best and most interesting Bible names and gives readers a brief history of the name, famous people with that name, and myriad other interesting details. Her book, however, goes beyond just names. Included are lists of popular names, brief essays by parents who have chosen a particular name, and interesting historical details. Craker's humor adds to the appeal of the book as well. Why should you buy it? Because you want the most meaningful and unique name for your wonderful and unique child. A is for Adam will help you find it.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: "A" Is for "Awesome"
Review: Quality over quantity is the theme of the day here with author Lorilee Cracker's foray into the crowded field of baby name books. Sure, there's only about 125 names profiled in this book (as opposed to list books that offer 20,000+ ideas), but all the interesting detail the author provides makes this book heads and tails above the rest of the field. I don't expect to have a baby any time soon, nor do I read the Bible, but if the converse of each of those statements was true, this book would be "da bomb" even moreso than it already is! And it could be for you, too!

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